Features And Facts To Know About Emery Paper

Emery paper is an abrasive paper which is basically used to polish materials. It has a rough surface on one side and a smooth surface at the other side. Although it is quite similar to sand paper, it is different as it is used on metals rather than on wood.

Emery is a type of mineral that occurs naturally. It is stuck to sheets of paper so that it can be used easily to polish metals. It is used for a wide variety of applications. It is used in the field of jewellery making, watch making and several other such industries which require detailed polishing of materials.

Apart from paper, emery is also available in the form of cloth and board which can be used for various polishing purposes.

Emery paper is available in the form of sheets on most of the reputed online stores. It is available in different sizes and prices to suit different purposes. Many of the online stores offer this paper at discounted price rates when it is bought in bulks.

Emery Paper

This paper is ingrained with many beneficial features compared to sand paper. It can be used for detailed polishing work as it offers excellent precision. This paper includes the right number of grain particles and therefore it offers excellent results.

It is important to choose these papers on the basis of grit or abrasiveness. It can be used to remove paint or rust from surfaces easily. There are several types of grit levels which are made available quite easily on many of the online stores. There are fine grit, medium grit and high grit paper which can be bought for different purposes.

Emery Papers

However, paper with different grit levels need to be used for excellent results. Course grit paper can be used on really rough surfaces and then a medium grit paper can be used to smooth away any remaining impurities. It is possible to use both wet and dry emery paper for finishing purposes.

Emery paper can be bought from reputed online stores at affordable price rates. However, it is important to consider several factors before buying these products from online stores.


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