Various Applications And Uses Of Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol is a chemical substance that can be used for a wide range of applications. This odourless and colorless liquid is used in several types of food items as it is considered to be non-toxic if it is used in small amounts. It is one of the most commonly used food additive as it is inclusive of several properties.

Cosmetics: Propylene glycol has a unique feature. It prevents items from freezing under low temperatures. It is therefore used in cosmetics to prevent it from melting and freezing.

Food: It also has the ability to maintain moisture and absorb water. It can easily dissolve flavouring and dyes in food. It is widely used as a food additive as it helps to prevent the food from freezing under low temperatures. It is used as a thickening agent in various types of food such as cheese, yogurt, ice creams and so forth. It is often used to add texture to any type of food.

Industrial Applications: In addition to the food industry, this chemical substance is used for various other industrial purposes too. It helps in the production of polyester fibre in the textile industry. It is often used as a de-icer in commercial airlines. It is found in several other products such as detergents.

Propylene Glycol

Solvent: It acts as an excellent solvent carrier in different types of food items. It gives food items a unique taste and appearance. It is therefore used in cake mixtures, biscuits, cookies, salads and beers. It is also used in soft drinks as a dispersant. Soft drinks can be preserved with the help of this chemical substance.

Apart from these features, propylene glycol also helps to keep food products fresh. It also increases the durability of food items. It helps to retain the moisture in food items and therefore prevents it from drying out completely.

Today propylene glycol can be bought even from online stores at reasonable price rates. It is manufactured by most of the leading brands all over the world due to its increased usage and popularity. However, it is important to consider the usage specifications as some people may be allergic to this chemical compound.


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