Applications And Effects Of Silica Gel

Silica gel is a solid material which is derived from sodium silicate although the material is often known as gel. This material is used to draw moisture content from items. It is often placed in cardboard boxes and crates during transportation and storage. It is packed in small packages.

Sodium silicate, which is a natural mineral, is processed and purified. It is then obtained in granular or beaded form. It is used as a desiccant which helps in the process of controlling moisture. As the gel is a highly poisonous material, it is often labelled so. There are different uses of silica gel. It can be bought easily from various online stores at reasonable price rates.

Dry Leather: It is used to dry leather as it helps to absorb moisture. This desiccant is one of the most important materials used in leather packages.

Silica Gels

Cat Litter: It is used in cat litter as it helps to prevent odour. It helps to absorb uric acid which is one of the main beneficial features of this material.

Chromatography: It is used in a chemical process known as chromatography which refers to a technique that helps to segregate chemical mixtures. The gel is used in the purification process.

Silica Gel

Food: It is often placed on food items as it helps to absorb moisture that spoils food items. It is also placed in vitamins and other medicines so that it lasts for a longer period of time.

Silica gel was first used during the World War I. It was used in gas masks to absorb moisture and vapour. The gel has many harmful effects on humans and animals. Some of this material contains a chemical known as cobalt chloride. This chemical can cause cancer in humans.

If it is ingested, it can cause dehydration as the gel absorbs water content from the body. It can also cause discomfort but it might not be poisonous if it is devoid of chemicals. It should however not be inhaled as it can prove to be dangerous. Regular exposure to the gel can cause permanent lung damage. Therefore it is important never to inhale silica gel. To know more about silica gel suppliers and exporters click here.


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