Features And Applications Of Thermal Paper

Thermal paper is one of the most commonly used papers in fax machines and other commercial transactions. These papers are designed to change color as it is infused with a special type of chemical. This chemical reacts to heat and turns into different colors such as blue, black and red.

This paper is available in a huge range of varieties which include different types of length, color, diameters and so forth. It is also available in different thicknesses. Although thin types of papers are used for most of the commercial purposes, there are thicker varieties which find application in other fields.

Debit And Credit Card Machines: It is widely used in credit and debit card machines and ATMs. This paper is issued once the transaction process is completed when the user swipes the debit or credit card.

Thermal Paper

Fax Machines: Majority of the modern fax machines use thermal paper to produce printed documents. This paper which is available in large rolls is installed inside the machine. It dispenses the paper once the fax is received and printed.

Pocket Printers: Sheet form of paper is used in pocket printers which are portable and easy to use.

Thermal Papers

Lottery Tickets: It is also widely used in lottery tickets as it is stable and remains intact for a longer period of time unlike the earlier versions.

There are various aspects to consider while buying thermal paper from online or offline stores. It is essential to consider the diameter and the width of the paper as there are different products made available through various online stores. Different types of printers require different types of paper products.

Some of the online stores also showcase pre-printed papers which can be utilized for several business purposes. Buyers can also choose from a range of print colors such as green, pink and blue.

Thermal paper is available in the form of thin or single sheets and multi-ply sheets. It is also available in the form of rolls which can be used for specific purposes. This paper can be found in different lengths at reasonable prices from reputed online stores.


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