Features and Uses of Ball Peen Hammers

A ball-peen hammer is quite similar to the common hammer used in most of the households and work places with a small difference in the structure of the hammer. Unlike common hammers, the ball peen hammers have ball shaped end on one side and cylindrical shape end at the head of the hammer in place of claws on the end. These hammers are mostly used for specific purposes which include metal work. It is also widely used by blacksmiths.                                              

Things To Know About Ball-Peen Hammers

The ball peen hammers have either wooden or metal handles and are mostly used for striking or shaping various kinds of metals. It is generally used for fabrication of metals. These types of hammers were mainly used for peening metals in the earlier days. Now it is hardly used for this purpose. The ball shaped end is usually used for softening and expanding metal to obtain preferred shapes.

There are different types of peening hammers which can be bought from online stores at attractive price rates. Some of the most widely used peening hammers include the ball peen hammers, the cross peen hammer and straight peen hammer.

The cross peen hammers have wedge shaped head at cross ends. In the straight peen hammers, the head is wedge shaped instead of ball shaped. These hammers are used for various purposes. Most of the peen hammers have steel heads to prevent metals from being chipped off while it is being struck.                                                                                     

These hammers are available in various weights and sizes to suit individual purposes. Known popularly as machinist or engineer hammers, it is available in weights ranging from 56 Gms to 1.3608 kg. The hammers are also used by blacksmiths to make swords and knifes. Metal blades are also shaped with the use of these hammers.

Today an array of ball peen hammers can be obtained easily from online dealers listed in many of the online trade portals. Most of these tools are priced at attractive rates. Although there are a number of power tools which perform the functions of these hammers, it is still used to shape metals and to rectify small hollows on metallic cars.