How Marriages Bureaus Evolved in India

There is a common saying, “marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth.” To help the bride and groom meet and materialize the marriage, there are bureaus. They are ones who do the groundwork for arranged marriages. But if you thought that the marriage bureau is a modern concept, then you could be wrong. It is an age old system that has undergone a lot of change.

In old times, when love marriage was considered a taboo in India, people believed in arranged marriages. Every family had a family priest whose responsibility was not only to perform rituals, but also to provide a suitable match for people of marriageable age. Depending on the social status, economic stability and background of the prospective groom or bride, a match was found. The fact is, the priests were in touch with other fellow priests and this association made them aware of the people who would be suitable matches for one another. Other than the priests, there were also the barbers and beauticians who did this kind of match making. If the relationship materialized, the matchmaker was paid in cash or kind. That is probably the reason why these two categories of people are involved in Indian marriage ceremonies.

marriage bureau

As time passed, and people started seeing things in a different light, priests and barbers gave way to marriage bureaus that had a database of people who were willing to get married. These were offices where people came to register their names and if a suitable match was found, they were notified. Things became a lot more organized and people started considering it as a career option. But this era of match making also saw an end as newspapers, and internet sites started gaining ground. Advertisements on leading dailies, internet chat rooms, and matrimony sites are now making sure that people find their soul mate.

What is best is that even if the marriage is arranged, the bride and groom to be can interact with each other before taking the plunge. Besides virtual meetings and chats, even face to face meetings can be planned. Marriage bureaus have evolved from being just word of mouth recommendations to hard core paper work and information exchange. Marriage bureaus are thus playing a vital role in match making in today’s scenario.