Pros and Cons of Herbal Plants for Medical Use

Treatment with herbal plants is a popular and effective substitute to traditional treatment methods for prevention of a wide range of ailments. Also known as herbalism, medical herbalism and botanical medicine, the basic system of herbal treatment includes traditional Chinese, western or ayurvedic herbalism. Several herbal plants contain powerful medicinal properties. These properties are useful for treating a lot of health issues.

Herbal medicines are made up of 100% natural ingredients having minimal risks of side effects. The preparations are easy to make too. Although they are made in natural ways with natural ingredients, their effects are no less than allopathic medicines. For example, preparations made out of comfrey, plantain or calendula is equally effective in treating skin rash efficiently.

herbal plants

Herbal plants used for the preparation of herbal medicines are easily available and can be grown too. Some of them can be cultivated in the backyard of our homes too like peppermint, chamomile etc. Apart from being effective, herbal medicines are even cheaper than any modern day allopathic medicines due to their easy availability.

herbal plants

Herbal medicines generally have a long standing effect in curing a particular disease or health issue, unlike allopathic medicines which mainly aim on immediate relief or one time relief. Alternative treatments like adding simple herbs in diet are also useful. Generally herbal medicine is well known for curing chronic diseases like arthritis, cardio vascular health problems etc.

Warnings for Treatment with Herbal Plants:
It is a myth that herbal medicine does not have any side effects. Medical properties of herbal plants have naturally occurring chemical compounds in them. Although they are less likely to elicit adverse reaction, it may be possible in case of overdose. Consumption of herbal medicines in excess could be harmful. Since use of herbal medicine is not regulated, there is also a risk of buying low quality herbs.

Serious health issues which need immediate attention like leg bone breakage or say heart attack are best treated by modern day medicine rather than herbal medicine as the curing method of herbal medicine is slow.

Herbal plants are highly effective in treating a large number of ailments. But before using them, it is advisable to know the dosage, side effects and your body composition better. To know more about herbal pants for your good health click here.