Biodegradable Plastics an Alternative to Save the Environment

Plastic, one of the most useful items in the world, is considered to be the vital part of our daily lives. We find it difficult to live without plastic. It is conventionally easy to make plastic and are relatively cheaper compared to other materials. However, the danger evoked by plastic waste is a matter of grave concern. This growing concern has led to the discovery of biodegradable plastics which is considered the best alternative to non degradable plastics used these days.

Significance of Biodegradable Plastics

Today most of the stores use polyethylene bags which take more than hundreds of years to degrade, leading to the release of toxic gases into the environment. Polyethylene bags are made of petroleum based products where as biodegradable plastics are made of plant based materials or vegetable oils which cause no environmental harm. Although biodegradable plastics have been discovered since many years, it was used sparingly due to its high costs.

Biodegradable plastics are the new form of plastics which have become quite popular in the markets due to its advantageous properties. As it is environment friendly, it is widely used for various purposes. Today it is widely used for waste bin liner bags, shopping bags, fishing nets, cups, cutlery, straws, plates, sanitary products, bottles, planter boxes and so forth.

Another product that is made from biodegradable plastic is plantable pots. These plant pots are made by the process of injection moulding. These pots can be placed directly into the soil along with the plants.

Environmental Benefits

Compared to the conventional plastic products made from petroleum products, the biodegradable plastic has a number of notable environmental benefits. The soil derives a number of benefits when biodegradable plastic decomposes which includes increase in the organic content in the soil, retention of water and nutrients and reduce plant diseases.

Compared to the non-biodegradable plastics, less energy is required to combine and manufacture the biodegradable plastics. Disposal of biodegradable bags and plastic products are known to increase the potential of methane in the soil. It also reduces the usage of space needed for decomposition. In short, the prominence of biodegradable plastic in our daily lives is quite unfathomable.