Tips for Choosing Bed Sheets

Bed sheets are basically used to cover mattresses and sofas. It is can be categorized into two types mainly –the fitted and the flat. The fitted sheets have elastic on the sides which can be fitted onto the mattresses tightly. These sheets seldom slip off from the beds. The flat sheets are the ordinary bed sheets which are available in different sizes, colors, fabrics, styles and designs to suit various decor and preferences. These are available in various materials including cotton, silk, satin, linen, wool, bamboo, polyester and so forth.

Factors to Consider before Buying bed Sheets

With such a large variety available all over the stores today, choosing the most appropriate sheets can be quite confusing. However, there are some helpful tips which can be considered while buying bed sheets.

Type of fabric: Although these sheets are available in different types of fabrics, cotton is still one of the most popular and widely used bed sheets. In addition to the most exquisite Egyptian cotton, Pima and organic cotton is also gaining immense popularity. Egyptian cotton is known for its superior quality as it is soft and porous. It is also popular for its unique texture and exquisite patterns and colors. Pima cotton sheets are also widely used as it is both soft and silky.

Size of the sheets: Another important factor to consider before purchasing bed sheets include the size of the sheets. Sheets are available in various sizes including double size sheets, single size sheets, king size, queen size and extra large sheets. Double bed require double sized sheets otherwise it may appear awkward. It is wise to measure the mattress before buying the sheets so that the sheets cover the mattress perfectly.

Type of weave: Each fabric is woven differently and indicates the texture of the sheets. Cotton, satin and twill sheets are some of the most popular choices. Satin sheets are silky, soft and comfortable but seldom last longer. The thread count of the fabric should also be considered while choosing sheets. Fabrics with higher thread counts are expensive as it is soft and durable.

There are different styles and fabrics included in bed sheets these days. Choose sheets which blend perfectly with the decor of your home besides comfort and style.