Uses And Types Of Ophthalmic Instruments

Ophthalmic instruments are devices which are used to diagnose, detect and analyse different types of eye diseases. It also includes instruments which are used during the process of an eye surgery. These instruments are quite essential for proper diagnostics and eye examination.

Ophthalmoloscope: This is the instrument which is used to view the patient’s eye. This device is usually made of different sizes of lenses. It is used to view the retina of the eye. Any damages to the retina can be clearly seen with the use of this instrument. It is also possible to view any other damages to the eye with the use of an ophthalmoloscope.

Streak Retinoscope: Another instrument which is commonly used by an ophthalmologist is the streak Retinoscope. This device is quite easy to use and it provides a reflection of the retina.

Ophthalmic Instrument

Ophthalmometer: This is another common device which is used to examine the eyes. It is basically used to diagnose astigmatism.

Slit Lamp: Another useful device used by majority of the ophthalmologist is the slit lap which helps to examine all the external parts of the eye such as the eyelids, white of the eye and so forth. It can also be used to view the internal parts of the eye.

Most of the instruments used for diagnosis are non invasive. However, there are devices and tools which are used for surgical purposes too. There are specialized scissors, clamps, forceps and so forth which are used during surgical processes.

Ophthalmic Instruments

Keratometer: This device is quite useful to view the eye. It also helps to take measurements at a high speed. It is therefore considered to be one of the most efficient tools used by most of the doctors. Some of ophthalmic instruments also include adjustable monitors.

Apart from these devices, there are many other common devices which can be bought easily from online stores at affordable price rates. There are mirror sets, project floors stands and visual field perimeters which are often used by ophthalmologists in eye clinics. Most of these devices can be bought from online stores at discounted price rates. Some of the stores also showcase second hand devices at cheaper rates.