Environment Friendly Building Materials

With the increase in pollution and environmental disasters, more people choose to use eco-friendly products in every walk of life. Today people all over the world prefer to use eco-friendly building materials to build homes and offices. These materials can be recycled, replaced and reused without any difficulty. It hardly causes any harmful effect on the environment.

Eco-friendly Building Materials- Various Types

The importance of using environment friendly materials is becoming hugely popular these days. In addition to cars and other motor vehicles, buildings also release a fairly large amount of greenhouse into the atmosphere. This has resulted in the usage of various building materials which are environment friendly.

Use of EcoRock: Drywalls are used to construct most of the homes today. Dry walls are created with gypsum which absorbs heat and releases carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. EcoRock is produced in a similar way but the procedures are eco-friendly and less toxic. It can be used instead of drywalls.

Use of fly ash: Concrete which is widely used for construction purposes is produced by using cement which causes pollution and greenhouse gases. Fly ash bricks which can be used instead of concrete is environment friendly and can be used for a wide variety of purposes.                                                                                                                    

Use of bamboo: In places such as Japan and China, bamboo is a main building material as it is strong and durable. As these countries are susceptible to frequent earthquakes, bamboo houses are ideal to prevent accidents. It also absorbs carbon-dioxide from atmosphere. Bamboo houses are more economical as compared to the houses made of lumber, teak and so forth. Bamboo is known to be lighter than steel but it is stronger than concrete.

Apart from the above mentioned three things which can be used for constructing homes and offices, there are many other materials which can be used for construction purposes. Building materials need to be non-toxic with minimal chemical emissions. Most of the people opt for low odor paints for homes and offices. The use of non-toxic floor sealant is another eco-friendly option for building the floors of homes and offices. With the use of green building materials, the quality of health is substantially improved to a large extent.