Applications And Types Of Proximity Sensors

Proximity sensors are devices which can detect the presence of objects without contacting it physically. In other words, it helps to determine the distance of objects. Today there are various types of sensors and it can be used for a wide variety of purposes. There are long range and short range sensors which can be used for several purposes. The long range sensors can easily identify the distance of the objects which are located far off. These sensors are mainly used in navigation vessels.

Proximity sensors utilize different techniques to determine the location of the object. SONAR, or the Sound Navigation and Ranging, is one of the most common examples of proximity sensors. These devices emit sound and detect the time it takes to hit another object and bounce back to the source. Radio detection or electromagnetic radiation is another method which determines proximity of the objects.

Proximity Sensors

Today these sensors are used in most of the automobiles and airplanes. It is used in boats and aircrafts to track the movement of large objects. Most of the cars include proximity sensors which alert the driver when the automobile approaches another vehicle. These sensors are also used in cellular phones which detect the presence of the user’s face.

Proximity Sensor

Proximity sensors are also used in homes and other spaces to locate the intrusion of strangers. It triggers an alarm which indicates security breach. These sensors are widely used in automated industries. Consumer electronics, automatic doors and robots are built with these sensors.

Some of the different types of proximity sensors include ultrasonic, inductive and capacitive sensors, photoelectric sensors and so forth. All these devices differ from one another as it includes several different features.

These sensors are widely used in switches. Today there are different types of proximity switches which can be bought from online stores at affordable price rates. These switches should never be used in the presence of inflammable gas or explosion prone areas.

Proximity sensors can be bought from various online stores at affordable price rates. Some of the reputed dealers offer these sensors at discounted price rates if it is bought in bulk.