Variety of Ladies Evening Dresses

Evening dresses are available in wide variety for women for different occasions like a special birthday party, a formal dinner invitation, a wedding reception, cocktail party or opera. Made with elegant and expensive fabrics including satin, chiffon, velvet, silk, georgette, net and many more, markets are flooded with options for evening dresses, some of which are listed below.

Long Gowns:
These are one piece evening gowns normally reaching the wearer’s ankles. Also known as ball gowns, you can flaunt these elegant gowns with exquisite neck pieces or long earrings. You can see a lot of celebrities dressing with poise in black and radiant red evening gowns.

Evening dresses

Cocktail Dresses:
Short in length, cocktail dresses are perfect for informal friendly occasions like a dinner out, night dance or a birthday evening. Some of these evening dresses can be around 5 cm. above the ankle, also known as a tea-length dress. Do not wear shoes, sneakers or flats with a cocktail dress, as heels and pumps go well with it. Most cocktail dresses come with embroideries and embellishments, and they look great with a clutch. Avoid shoulder bags and big bags with cocktail evening dresses. If you wear a cocktail dress on a winter night, it is best to pair it up with legging, stockings or long socks. You can also choose to wear a pea coat, trench coat or moto jacket along. Scarves also team up well with a cocktail dress on a cool night.

Evening Wear

Formal Pants and Suits:
Today, women also prefer wearing formal pants and suits at evening occasions. Exuding dignified charm, they are more suitable for formal business functions. Well cut pants with embellished top or shirt look respectable and are more appropriate for a formal business function, theatre or church. However, they may not be the right choice for a party like atmosphere.

LBDs and Prom Dresses:
Little black dresses and gorgeous one piece short prom dresses with laces are also popular evening dresses among women. Be it a red carpet visit or a night out with friends for a drink and dance, LBDs fit perfectly for different occasions. Choose any of these evening dresses for your night event, and you are sure to look gorgeous.

Evening Party Dresses For A Flattering Look

Tips To Select Evening Dress Shoes

Evening dresses are made of exquisite and elegant materials such as satin, velvet and suede. So the shoes worn along with these dresses need to be elegant too. There is a huge difference between dress shoes and evening shoes. Evening shoes are made of exquisite materials and embellished with lace and stones. It is important to wear the right type of shoes to appear beautiful and classy. There are some important tips that can be followed while choosing evening shoes.

There are various types of shoes available at different price rates in the online markets but it is necessary to choose the right type of shoes that compliment your outfit. Dress shoes are quite different from evening shoes or party shoes.

Expensive materials: Evening shoes are made of expensive materials which include leather, suede, satin and velvet. These shoes appear elegant and chic with evening dresses. Most of these shoes are made of expensive leather material.

Embellishments: Evening shoes include beautiful embellishments such as pearls, crystals, rhinestones and sequins. Most of the women prefer to choose shiny high heeled shoes for proms and evening parties.

Color: There are a huge variety of shoes available in different colors. Black colored shoes appear elegant and chic. It compliments any type of outfit. Black colored shoes suit all colored outfits too. Golden and silver colored shoes are ideal for Indian party wear as it includes heavy embellishments that blend well with golden colored shoes. In addition to black, golden and silver, there are many other popular colors of shoes available these days. It is important to choose the color of the shoes according to the color of the outfits.

Styles: Apart from high heeled shoes, there are various types of footwear that can be worn for parties and functions. Sandals, flats and plumps are also worn for parties and functions. Various types of attractive footwear are available in many of the online stores at attractive price rates.

Comfort is the most important factor to consider before choosing evening shoes. Choose shoes which are comfortable in addition to style, budget and class.