Understanding The Various Types Of Leather Products

Leather is derived from the skin of animals and it is used in different industries such as footwear, bags, garments and so forth. Leather products can be categorized into different varieties based on its characteristic features. The three basic varieties include the full grain, corrected grain and the split leather.

The top grain or the full grain leather is the most natural form of leather products which is also quite expensive. This product is derived by removing the hair from the animal skin. The product remains natural and durable as it is not treated with any sort of chemicals. It is generally used to make footwear, furniture and bags. It lasts for a longer period of time. The full grain products are dipped in a transparent color dye to give it a finishing touch.

Leather Products

The corrected leather is another form of leather product which lacks the originality and durability of top grain leather. It is often sanded and buffed to remove the imperfections. It is available in a huge range of varieties.

Split leather is the remaining part of the hide after the top grain leather is removed. It is quite cheap compared to the other leather products. It is brittle and tends to get damaged easily.

Leather Product

Coated leather is another popular variety which is used for a wide variety of purposes. It is quite cheap and it is obtained by applying a coat of polyurethane to the skin. It lasts for a longer period of time compared to the other products. As it is available at a lower price, it is used for upholsteries and other products.

Suede Leather: This is another variety of leather product which is obtained by separating the grain layer from the hide. Suede leather surfaces are buffed to make it soft and supple. It is not as durable as the other products and it tends to get damaged easily. The surface of this leather product appears like velvet and it can be used to manufacture delicate items.

All types of leather products are used to manufacture bags, clothes, footwear and other products. Most of the online stores showcase a huge range of these products at various price rates.