Tips To Prevent Apps From Draining Mobile Battery

Mobile app developers are often faced with the challenge of limited resources in mobile phones. Power consumption is one of the main challenges faced by app developers. Modern app developers are searching for innumerable ways to reduce power consumption and optimize consumption of energy. There are some simple tips which can be followed to reduce power consumption and prevent draining of mobile batteries.

CPU: Most of the mobile apps use optimum power for optimum performance. One of the best ways to reduce optimum usage of batteries is to reduce the utilization of CPU. This can be done by eliminating unnecessary procedures involved in games and other apps.

Mobile Battery

Network Interfaces: One of the biggest consumers of battery charge in mobile devices is the wireless communication devices such as WLAN, 3G and GSM. Mobile Ads also consume a large part of energy in mobile devices. Batteries are drained when the user polls for locations. Battery life can be saved by turning off the GPS when the device is immobile.

Display Systems: Another power consumer in mobile phone is the display system. LCD displays consume a large amount of power. There are various ways to reduce the power consumption of displays. One of the best methods is to dim the display and brighten the image while using the apps or vice-versa. This method can be used for video games and apps as it is known to consume a large amount of power. Majority of the Smart phones are designed to reduce the display lights automatically during the absence of inputs from the users.

Use of Unnecessary Hardware: Smart phones include various devices such as cameras, sensors and so forth. With the use of these devices, there can be substantial consumption of power which can reduce the life of batteries. Turn off GPS features, Blue tooth and other accessories when it is not in use to save battery life.

Energy consumption can be reduced to a large extent with an in-depth knowledge of the different aspects of power consumption. There are various resources and tools which can be used by mobile app developers to check the power consumption of apps. To know more about mobile battery click here.