EPABX Systems And Its Beneficial Features

The EPABX system or the Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange is a type of telephone system that connects phone calls inside the office and also connects to public network calls. It is basically a type of telephone exchange that helps to connect calls in a single office or building. These telephone systems are connected to fax machines and modems in some places.

The PABX system was first invented in the year 1960, which the employees used to call one another through an internal phone system. However, in due course of time, it lost its popularity due to the implementation cost and complicated interfaces.

EPABX System

There are different types of systems which offer more or less the same functions. The EPABX system is an extension of the PABX system but it uses electronic signal switches instead of relays. The PABX or the Private Automatic Branch Exchange can deliver calls between the internal lines. It routes the calls using relays. The PNX or the Packet Network Exchange uses both VoIP functionality and PBX technology to connect the calls.

There are many benefits of using these systems in offices and buildings. It offers better connectivity and communication within the premises which can be quite beneficial to business. It helps to reduce the cost of local charges. Most of the PABX systems include call holding, extension dialing, call forwarding and so forth. All the incoming calls are directed to the right department in the office as this system functions on the basis of Internet Protocol.

Another beneficial feature of these telephone systems is that it is possible to bar calls. This helps to ensure the required privacy. It is possible to lock the extension numbers to prevent external calls and permit only internal calls.

Today EPABX systems are manufactured by most of the leading industries in the country. It is possible to buy these telephone systems from various online stores at affordable price rates. Different telephone systems have different features and therefore it is essential to understand the features of each model before buying it from online stores. These systems are known to build a strong relationship between customers and manufacturers.