The Importance And Uses Of Proximity Sensors

There are a large number of systems in the modern automated world which facilitate in various applications. Some of these systems are designed to measure the distance of an object and reduce the possibilities of accidents. The proximity sensor is one such device with different features. These sensors are used for a wide range of purposes. It is available in different varieties to suit different types of uses. There are long range and short range sensors which can be used for various purposes.

One of the main features of these sensors is that it detects the distance of the object without physical contact. An electromagnetic beam is emitted from the sensor and any changes in the field cause the sensor to activate. Some of the most commonly used sensors are photoelectric, inductive, ultrasonic and capacitive.

Proximity sensors are often used in touch screens on mobile phones and electronic switches in highly restricted areas. It uses short range proximity to detect the finger of the person or any other material that has touched the screen.

These sensors are also used at the rear side of private vehicles to alert the drivers about an oncoming object or another vehicle. There are sensors which can be fixed to the windows and doors of homes for better security and safety. These sensors are alerted when there is security breach.

proximity sensor

Today most of the cellular phones also include sensors which determine the proximity of the user’s face and operates according to it. It is used in a large number of consumer applications.

There are active and passive proximity sensors which include different functions and uses. The active sensors are designed to send signals which will be reflected back to the device. The distance of the object is calculated accordingly. These sensors are usually fixed on automatic doors which alert the sensors to open the door when a person walks to it.

The passive sensor works by the changes in the environment. The sensor activates when there is a change in the infrared lights emitted by the device. Different types of devices can be bought from various online stores at reasonable price rates.

Applications And Types Of Proximity Sensors

Proximity sensors are devices which can detect the presence of objects without contacting it physically. In other words, it helps to determine the distance of objects. Today there are various types of sensors and it can be used for a wide variety of purposes. There are long range and short range sensors which can be used for several purposes. The long range sensors can easily identify the distance of the objects which are located far off. These sensors are mainly used in navigation vessels.

Proximity sensors utilize different techniques to determine the location of the object. SONAR, or the Sound Navigation and Ranging, is one of the most common examples of proximity sensors. These devices emit sound and detect the time it takes to hit another object and bounce back to the source. Radio detection or electromagnetic radiation is another method which determines proximity of the objects.

Proximity Sensors

Today these sensors are used in most of the automobiles and airplanes. It is used in boats and aircrafts to track the movement of large objects. Most of the cars include proximity sensors which alert the driver when the automobile approaches another vehicle. These sensors are also used in cellular phones which detect the presence of the user’s face.

Proximity Sensor

Proximity sensors are also used in homes and other spaces to locate the intrusion of strangers. It triggers an alarm which indicates security breach. These sensors are widely used in automated industries. Consumer electronics, automatic doors and robots are built with these sensors.

Some of the different types of proximity sensors include ultrasonic, inductive and capacitive sensors, photoelectric sensors and so forth. All these devices differ from one another as it includes several different features.

These sensors are widely used in switches. Today there are different types of proximity switches which can be bought from online stores at affordable price rates. These switches should never be used in the presence of inflammable gas or explosion prone areas.

Proximity sensors can be bought from various online stores at affordable price rates. Some of the reputed dealers offer these sensors at discounted price rates if it is bought in bulk.

Uses And Advantages Of Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors

If you are a business dealing in vehicles, then chances are you might be aware of the importance of security for your vehicles. Many businesses use ultrasonic proximity sensors in business units to protect their operations from unwanted hazards and intruders. However, before mounting a device, it is vital to bear in mind your business location. The device should be used in an area where the potency of harmful impact to your business is high.

These are devices typically used to protect your business or property from jeopardizes located in proximity. In case of hazards, the device transmits the sound to the sensor. In a nutshell, it warns the property owner or businesses from the potential hazards.

Need of Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors in Business Units:

Large as well as small commercial vehicles usually face problems on roads like potholes, moving in relatively small space, congested locations etc. In that case protection of the vehicle as well as products loaded on it is the primary concern. Ultrasonic proximity sensor is the most convenient and cost effective way to defend your vehicles and commodities from being damaged. The device detects surrounding objects in the proximity and sends out sound waves, which hit the target objects and recoils back to the device. This process determines how close you are to the hazard. Installing this device in the vehicle sends out a signal to the driver and warns him of the danger.

Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors

Considerations For Buying:

Ultrasonic proximity sensors produce sound when the hazard is closer. Therefore, the shape, material, size, and placement of the target/hazard should be properly selected to produce strongest possible echo. The device detects smooth, flat, rounded, and objects with different shapes. However, soft materials like rubber or foam are difficult to be detected as they do not produce sound.

There is a wide variety of proximity detectors available in the market, which differ from one another in their features, mounting pattern, price etc. though the purpose is common – hazard detection and protection from it. There are some devices, which even provides memory scanning feature that helps user differentiate between fake and true threats. Environmental conditions and nature of business should be taken into consideration before buying the device.

Merits of Proximity Detector:

• Not affected by natural conditions like snow, rain, dust etc.
• Detects smooth, flat, rounded, solid, liquid threats
• Audible and visible feedbacks
• Assists vehicles to operate in small spaces
• Helps large commercial vehicles in detecting cyclists and pedestrians
• Memory scanning feature
• Quickly detects threats.

Demerits of Proximity Detector:

• Poor detection of soft materials like rubber or foam
• Target temperature must be below 100 degree Celsius for accurate sensing etc.

Not only business or huge commercial vehicles, even small and non-commercial vehicles can benefit from sensors. The device ensures safety of your brand new dream car and protects pedestrians by alarming the driver of accident danger. To ensure utmost security of your vehicles, mounting this device is a must.