Benefits of DIY Solar Water Heater

DIY solar water heaters are becoming increasing popular these days as it has a number of beneficial qualities. The rising electricity bills and the shortage of fuels are among the most significant reasons for the increased usage of solar water heaters. There are many benefits of using these solar water heaters and some of the most important benefits shall be discussed in the following paragraphs in detail.

Advantages of Solar Water Heaters

Eco-friendly: One of the main advantages of the solar water heater is its eco-friendly nature. It reduces the emission of carbon into the air and utilizes the renewable sources of energy from nature-mainly the solar power. This helps to reduce the increasing pollution and green house effect which adversely affects the environment.

Use of existing pipelines: There is hardly any need to install new pipes for these water heaters as the same pipes can be utilized for transferring hot water into the homes. Hot water will be supplied to the old heater without the usage of electrical power. This in turn helps to reduce the costs of heating water and homes.

Less maintenance: One of the greatest advantages of the solar water heater is its low maintenance. As these heaters include less spare parts, it seldom involves any kind of replacement or repairs. It can be maintained quite easily.

Durable: As it involves less maintenance, it tends to lasts for a longer period of time unlike the other water heaters. It is thus durable and efficient compared to the conventional water heating systems.

Inexpensive: Apart from the initial cost of installation, the solar water heaters are quite inexpensive as it reduces the cost of power consumed for heating purposes.

These water heaters can be enclosed in glass boxes to create sufficient insulation around the water tank. This helps to trap the energy and keep the water hot. Some people also place movable mirrors, to trap the solar energy, on the water heaters. The rays of the sun are reflected on the water heaters when it hits the mirrors. The DIY solar water heater is considered to be the most economical and eco-friendly method of heating homes and water quite efficiently.