Components in a Bicycle

One of the oldest and cheapest forms of transportation includes bicycles. Although science has developed and achieved tremendous success in various fields of transportation, cycles are still widely used in all parts of the world. With major evolutions in the field of science and technology, the cycles have evolved in many ways. Numerous additional features have been added to this common means of transport. However, there are some basic parts in every bicycle.          

Parts of a Bicycle

There are some basic parts in a bicycle which works in combination for a smooth and safe ride. These important bicycle parts are as follows:

Wheels: One of the most important bicycle parts include the wheels. Every bicycle has a wheel set which includes a rubber tube, axle, wire tension spokes and carbon fiber rim. A bicycle has two wheels on which it rides. Today different varieties of wheels are available in the markets.

Brake: Another important component of a bicycle includes the brakes which are used to slow down and stop the cycle. There are many types of brakes such as the rim brake, disc brake and the drum brake. The brakes which are attached to the handlebars of the cycle are applied to slow down or halt the cycle.

Chain: The bicycle chains transfer power from the pedals to the wheels to propel the cycle. Today cycle chains have been revolutionized with additional features that offer more gearing power to the bicycles.

Handle bars: This important component of the bicycle provides support and steering power to the rider. The handlebars are of different shapes and styles. It can be curved, straight and cylindrical in shape.

Frame: Another important component of the bicycle includes the frame of the cycle. The entire parts of a cycle are fitted on its frame and therefore it is known as the base of the cycle. Each cycle has a different frame. The diamond frame is one of the most common types of cycle frame found in most of the cycles.

Apart from the above mentioned bicycle parts; there are many other important components which include the tire, backlight and front light. All these components can be bought easily from online stores at reasonable prices.