Lubrication System And Types Of Lubricating Oils

Lubrication system is one of the most important components of a machine. These systems facilitate in the input of lubricating oils into the machine for better and smooth operation. Without proper lubrication, machines tend to overheat and fail in due course of time.

There are different types of lubrication systems which vary according to its features and applications. Various types of oils are used for lubricating machines. These oils are classified on the basis of their viscosity, additives and usage. Different types of oils have different types of uses and features.

Some Types of Lubricating Oils:

Petroleum: One of the most popular and commonly used lubricating oils includes petroleum oil. In comparison to vegetable and animal oil, it is less oily. However, it is known to be one of the most commonly available oil for lubricating purposes. It is often mixed with stearic acid and oleic acid to obtain oiliness.

Lubrication System

Animal And Vegetable Oil: Lubricating oil also includes animal and vegetable oils which are extracted from animals and vegetables respectively. Some of the most common vegetable oil includes mustard oil, palm oil, olive oil, cotton seed oil and so forth. Some of the most common types of animal oil are whale oil, seal oil and so forth. These types of oils are quite expensive and it oxidizes easily. The properties of these types of lubricating oils are enhanced by adding chemical additives to it.

Blended Oil: Apart from these common types of oils, blended oils are also used in lubrication systems. Various types of additives are added to the oil to improve its qualities. Antioxidants and anti foaming agents are added to these oils to improve its basic quality. Emulsifying agents are also added to these oils for better viscosity and quality.

All types of lubricating oils can be bought from various online stores at reasonable price rates. However, it is important to understand the quality and the features of these oils before choosing to buy these products from reputed online stores. It is also essential to buy only branded lubricating oils as it helps to improve the functions of the system and increases its lifespan.