Types of Exercise Instruments And Its Features

There are various types of exercise instruments which differ on the basis of its features and uses. However, it can be broadly classified into two varieties which include the strength training and cardio vascular.

Strength training instruments are of different varieties. Weight machines, resistance equipments and free weights are some of the most commonly used instruments.

Exercise Instrument

Free weight machines can be bought in different weights, shapes and sizes. Even though most people prefer to use free weight machines, it is less safe compared to the weight machines which allows the users to lift it easily. Weight training focuses on the muscles and helps to build the strength of the muscles.

Exercise Instruments

Weight machines are user friendly and it can be adjusted according to the body type of the user. It is usually attached to pulleys with parts that can be pulled or pushed.

Other types of strength training instruments include resistance equipments such as crunch machines, pull- up bars and so forth. Most of these instruments can be used in spas and health clubs. However, it is possible to buy this equipment from online stores too at affordable price rates.

Apart from strength training, exercise instruments also include cardio vascular or cardio. These machines help to improve the health of the heart and reduce fat. Some of these instruments include treadmills, stationary bikes, stair climbers, elliptical trainers, and so forth. Treadmills are available in a huge range of varieties. There are machines with LCD displays which show the heart rate, amount of calories burned and so forth. Treadmills are used in hospitals and clinics to check the health of the heart.

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Stationary bikes are another variety of cardio equipment which is basically used in weight loss treatments and spas. It helps to strengthen the calves and legs. IT works well on the lower part of the body. It is an ideal instrument for work-out therapies.

Most of these instruments can be bought from online stores at affordable price rates. However, it is highly essential to know the features and functions of exercise instruments before buying it from online or offline stores.