All About Kraft Paper And Its Uses

Kraft paper is basically created using wooden pulp with the use of machines. It is used for a wide range of purposes which range from wrapping to the manufacture of grocery bags. It is considered to be an expensive product which can be bought from both online and offline stores. Today this paper product is available in a range of shades but the most popular shade is brown.

One of the most common uses of this paper product is to manufacture paper bags. White kraft paper is used to wrap fresh meat so that it can be placed in the refrigerators. Another important use of this paper is to create designs for Christmas and Halloween. It is also used to wrap gift items and presents. Today there are many stores which sell different attractive colors and designs of these papers so that it acts as an embellishment.

Kraft paper

It is widely used in the field of electronics as it helps to protect the materials from possible damages. The publishing industry also utilizes this product as linings for hard bound books. Due to the thickness and sturdy nature of the cover, it can be used as envelopes for mailing purposes.

Kraft papers

Kraft paper is considered to be one of the best packaging materials. However, it is important to buy these paper products in rolls as it is quite affordable and economical. There are many reputed companies which sell biodegradable rolls which are made from recycled materials. Most of these paper rolls are made available with cutters such as triple tier cutters and single tier cutters.

It is quite affordable to buy kraft rolls in huge bulks as it helps to reduce shipping costs. Most of the online stores showcase a huge variety of kraft paper of different colors and sizes. There are both printed and unprinted papers with different attractive features such as seepage proof, high aesthetic appearance, strength and durability. Some of the reputed online stores even showcase laminated bags and customized bags with different features such as cord handles, paper handles, glitter work and so forth.

Use of Craft Paper and Craft Ideas for Kids

Most children enjoy paper craft activities as it involves working with different colored craft paper, glue sticks, stickers and innovative ideas. Most of these activities for kids include making posters, lanterns, paper dogs, snakes, puppets, envelopes, roses, lilies, potato faces, trees, leaves, flowers, stars and so forth.

Paper bags of various sizes and shapes can be used to make different types of puppets with limbs and hands attached to it. Colors can be used to draw facial features too. Paper dogs and Chinese lanterns are among the most popular types of paper bag crafts created by kids. It is quite simple to design as it is very entertaining.

Craft Ideas for Kids:

Paper Dog: The paper bag can be upturned with its open end. Then fold the ears of the bag. Cut out long loops for ears, a dot for nose and a tongue. Paint them with bright colors and use glue stick to attach them to the paper bag puppet dog.

chicken craft paper

chicken craft paper

Chinese Lantern: Another easy project is the Chinese lantern which can be made by folding the paper into vertical shape. Cut the edges in a series leaving two inches from the sides. Join the edges by opening the paper with staple pins or glue stick. Different colored craft paper can be used to make these lanterns quite easily.

Craft paper can be used to design some of the most innovative and lovely ideas from different colored papers. Various types of colored papers which are used for crafts can be bought through online stores too. There are handmade paper which can be designed into different shapes and designs according to the desires of children.

Craft Paper

Craft Paper

Today various types of craft papers are used in most of the schools as children love to design, cut and paste beautifully colored papers to form different objects such as rockets, planes, chairs, tables, flowers, fish, aquarium and various other beautiful designs and shapes.

Teachers use different types of craft paper to entice and motivate children to expose their creative skills through various perspectives. Children tend to have splendid ideas for designing exclusive items with the help of various kinds of craft papers.

Craft Papers Used In Decoration And Designing

Craft papers are used for a wide variety of purposes. It can be used for decoration, painting, designing and so forth. Today there are more than millions of paper craft products available in many of the online and offline stores.

However, each type of paper is quite different from one another with individual characteristic features. Good quality craft paper has a unique texture which makes it perfect for any craft project. It is also available in a huge variety of colors and textures.

Tissue Paper: It is available in a huge variety of colors. It is semi-translucent and is available in the form of large sheets. Tissue papers are often sold in the form of large sheets.
Tissue Paper
It is basically used to package gift items but it can add essence and beauty to craft projects. As it is quite translucent, it can be used for various craft projects. It can be used on surfaces with adhesives. It is quite light in weight compared to the other craft papers.

Scrap Booking Paper: It is one of the most popular varieties of craft paper available in most of the online and offline stores.


Scrap Booking Paper

It is available in a huge variety of colors, patterns and textures. It is quite inexpensive and can be bought in the form of a single sheet. It can be used for all types of craft projects.

Card Stock Paper: It is a strong and sturdy craft paper that is available in pastel and bold colors.


Card Stock Paper

It is also known as tag board. It is basically used to make cards. It is quite ideal for paper embroidery, background for collages as it can be used easily with die-cut machines.

Repurposed Paper: Another form of craft paper is the repurposed paper which includes catalogs, maps, pages from old books and magazines, candy wrappers and so forth.


Repurposed Pape

Repurposed paper can add beauty to any craft project. It can be easily manipulated into any new design or shape.