Brush Cutters And Its Operational Techniques

Brush cutters are powerful pieces of equipments which are mainly used for pruning and cleaning gardens. It is basically used to trim the hedges and shrubs in the garden. It is easy to shape the shrubs in the garden easily with the use of these cutters. It has rotating blades, a head and a shaft which is straight in shape. It can be even be used for regular gardening chores. There are two stroke and four stroke models of cutters which are made available quite easily through various online and offline stores.

Different types of blades are used for different types of jobs. Saw blades, line trimmers and brush blades are the three types of blades which are used in these cutters. Blades on these cutters usually rotate in anti-clockwise direction. This ensures that all the debris falls to the left side of the lawn. For large and tall grass, it is important to use the right type of blade in these cutters. The cutters must be maneuvered appropriately so that the garden hedges can be cleaned easily and quickly.

Safety Precautions:

Although these cutting machines are highly useful to prune the gardens beautifully, proper usage is essential to avoid accidents and injuries. Wear proper and tight-fit clothes and leather boots to avoid scratches. Leather boots need to be worn while using brush cutters to avoid accidents. Safety glasses need to be worn as it will prevent the debris from flying onto the face. Protective gloves and helmets are also recommended by professional gardeners.

Brush Cutter

Larger brush cutters require a harness to support the weight of these machines. It is important to choose the right type of machine as there are light weight machines too which are comfortable and convenient to use.

The two stroke models are easy to operate as it includes simple operational features. It requires a fuel mixture of petrol and oil for smooth and efficient functioning. As the debris tends to fly in different direction, it is important to use these machines carefully. Brush cutters should never be used near animals and children as it can prove to be fatal.

Brush Cutter – Safety And Maintenance Tips

If you have a garden, farm or vegetation property, brush cutters are a necessity for you. The heavy duty brush cutters are mounted on the front of the diggers or carts. Markets are generally flooded with manual brush cutters. Instruction manuals provided along with the machine provides the details usage procedure. Using a brush cutter can only be effective, if the hold is strong and comfortable and the cutter is properly maintained.

Using a brush cutter calls for some safety measures, check them below:

Brush Cutter
• Wear safety goggles or mask as pieces of debris can get back to you.
• Avoid accidents by keeping the cutter at a safe distance when not in use.
• Stop immediately, if you are unable to cut through, and check the blade or cord.
• Never run brush cutters indoors as the fumes produced are toxic.
• Arrange for fire exhausts while using this machine. Keep away inflammable things while using it.
• Wear close fitting pants to avoid tangling with the cutter. Prefer working in daylight with concentration.
• Read the manual carefully and check the cutting area for glass, pieces of metal, stones or objects that can damage the cutting tool.

Maintenance of a Brush Cutter:
For extended durability, take care of your brush cutter as stated below:
• Clean the machine after every use and check that the harness is not damaged.
• The throttle should be locked immediately after use and the functioning should be checked every time.
• The cutting head should not have dents and should not rotate while it’s idle.
• Clean and change the air filter at regular intervals. Same is applicable to the protection shield.
• The blade should be positioned centrally. Wrong positions create vibrations that can damage the machine.
• Check that all nuts, screws, cables and connections are tightly set.

Proper usage and maintenance of a brush cutter assures a clean and well stripped garden or lawn. The best part is that you can use it yourself once the mechanism is understood properly. To know more about brush cutter click here.

Things To Remember Before Buying Brush Cutter

Brush cutter is one of the most useful and efficient gardening tools used to cut tall grass, tree saplings and oversized shrubs. These cutters are quite stronger than the ordinary grass trimmers. It is available in different engine sizes. There are various types of brush cutters available today. It is necessary to choose a stronger cutter if the vegetation is dense. These cutters can be affixed to various accessories to increase its trimming capacity. It is often attached to a long shaft to augment its working capability.

Tips To Consider

There are various tips which can be considered before purchasing brush cutter.

Size of the cutter: It is important to consider the type of vegetation before purchasing cutters. The larger and denser the vegetation, the stronger type of cutter should be bought.                                                                                                         

Angle bar: The angle bar of the cutter should be foldable so that it is portable and easy to use.

Accessories: Choose cutters with a large number of accessories, so that it can be used for a wide range of purposes.

Two stroke engine: Compared to the four stroke engines, the two stroke engines are more efficient.

The brush cutters are mainly used to cut and trim tall grass in the gardens. It can be used on lawn edges, planted beds, hedges and fence rows. Different types of blades can be used to cut different types of materials. Plastic blades are ideal for cutting back grass. Steel blades are used to cut woods and branches. The brush cutters have rotating cutting blades and straight shafts which functions these cutters.

Brush cutters need to be used with care as it can cause injuries to the user if used inappropriately. The rotating cutters tend to throw up the waste or debris once the machine is started. It is important to wear safety goggles while working with these type of cutting equipments.

The cutters must be held firmly so that the equipment can be controlled effectively at all times. It is also necessary to check the blades of the equipments before starting the cutting machine. Replace the blades to boost the cutting power of the equipment.