A Brief About Varieties of CD Holders

With a vast number of CDs at home or office, it is quite necessary to own the right type of CD holder to keep them organized and safe. These holders are available in different varieties including sizes, materials, shapes and styles.

The Different Types of CD Holders

CD holders are available in different forms including racks, boxes and bags. It is also easy to find racks made of different materials such as wood, plastic and so forth. There are holders with different colors and prints for domestic purposes.

Holders in the form of bags: Some of the most popular varieties of CD holders include bag type holders. Such holders resemble handbags and can be carried around quiet easily. There are both slim and bulky types of handbags to carry CDs. It is important to choose storage bags according to the number of CDs that need to be stored.

Holders in the Form of racks: CD holders are also available in the form of racks. Wooden racks are the most popular variety of racks that exude a sophisticated charm and elegance. Wooden racks are available in different sizes, colors and grains. Various types of wood such as maple, pine and oak are used for these racks. Available in a range of sizes varying from tabletop models to tall towers, these CD racks add charm to the décor of the rooms.                                                                                                                                                 

Apart from wooden racks, there are wall mounted CD racks which are perfect to hold CDs. These kinds of racks are ideal in places where the floor space is limited. Wall mounted racks have doors with mirrors or plain doors to blend with the décor of the rooms. Some of the wall mounted racks have rotating shelves.

The plastic CD rack is another variety of CD holders which is quite cost effective compared to the wooden racks. Used mostly for official purposes, these racks are functional rather than elegant in appearance. Nevertheless, it serves the purpose of holding the CDs together safely. There are, in fact, many types of CD holders available today but it is important to buy one that helps to keep the CDs safe and neat.