Various Important Features Of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floor coverings are known to add beauty and durability to concrete floors. There are several ways to adorn concrete flooring and epoxy coating is one of the most widely used floor covering. It is known to withstand heavy loads and offer excellent and durable surfaces over a long period of time. Today most of the commercial and industrial buildings use this unique floor coating due to its beneficial features.

Adherence: Before the application of epoxy coating on floors, it is essential to clean the surfaces completely. It is also important to repair and clear any major cracks on the floor for better adherence. Floors must be completely dried to avoid adherence issues. It is also important to consider the temperature before applying epoxy coating on the floors. The floor coatings may peel or bubble if the paint is applied under different temperatures.

Epoxy Flooring

Long Lasting: These floor coatings are quite advantageous as it is durable and tensile. It can be used in garages and basements as these coatings have the ability to withstand high temperature. It can easily resist stains, cracks and tensions.

Variety: It is available in a wide range of styles and colors which is another attractive feature of these floor paints. It is also possible to customize the appearance of the floors with the use of these paints. Different designs and styles such as check board and diamond patterns can be created easily with these floor coatings.

Inexpensive: These floor coatings are considered to be one of the most cost effective methods to decorate floors. Various other processes to enhance the appearance of concrete floors can be costly. But with the use of epoxy coating, floors can be decorated without any professional assistance.

Another notable feature of these floor coatings is that the surfaces are quite slippery when the floors are coated with epoxy. It is therefore quite important to use these coatings in areas which remain dry such as garages, parking lots, commercial centres, industries and so forth. However, it can be applied in homes too by adding various other products to the coating to reduce the slippery effect.

Benefits of Using Epoxy Flooring for Garages

Garage floors tend to become dull and stained over time. There are many options of installing new garage floors. The epoxy flooring is considered to be one of the best types of flooring options which is ingrained with a number of beneficial qualities.

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring:

Easy to Maintain: Concrete floors are quite difficult to maintain as it requires constant cleaning and sweeping. Concrete floors hold dust as it is constantly eroding which makes it quite difficult to maintain. The epoxy floors are resistant to dirt and stain. It is also well sealed and therefore it is quite easy to maintain. It is also skid resistant which makes it even easier to clean the surfaces.

Epoxy Flooring

Easy to Install: Unlike the concrete floors which are quite difficult to install and use, as it takes many days to coat layers on the concrete floors, the epoxy floors are easy to install. It can be installed in a day as it requires only one coat to fill the dents. There is hardly any need to wait for many days to use these floors as it can be used within a day or two.

Great Appearance: The epoxy floors exude a beautiful appearance with different hues and patterns. There are various colors and patterns which can be chosen according to the rest of the decor of your garage.

Epoxy Floorings

Chemical Resistant: Chemicals are used in most of the garages which can spill on the floors too. The greatest advantage of using the epoxy flooring material is that it is resistant to chemicals. Chemical spills hardly affect the finish of these floors. The tires of the cars can also affect the floors of garages but with epoxy flooring the garage floors remain clean and sparkling as ever.

Resistant to Mildew And Mold: These flooring solutions are also resistant to molds and mildew which can tend to build up during warmer months. Molds usually appear in damp and dark places in the garages. It can cause allergies and adversely affect the property too.

With the use of epoxy flooring, there is hardly any need to worry on maintenance and care as these floors are quite tensile, beautiful and suited to all types of climatic conditions.

Rare Beneficial Features of Cement Flooring

Unlike the earlier days cement flooring wore a dull appearance, but today it is widely used in most of the homes and some commercial centers. This flooring option is ingrained with a number of features including different colors, designs, textures and so forth. Cement flooring is widely used for patios, walkways, floors and driveways as it is known for its strength and durability. In some places, the cement flooring or the concrete floorings are painted to exude an elegant and polished appearance.

Some Common Benefits of Cement Flooring

In comparison to other types of flooring, the cement flooring is considered to be cost effective and durable. Concrete or cement flooring is known to be cheaper than other flooring materials. Moreover, it is long lasting and tensile. Replacements are seldom required for this kind of flooring option as it is resistant to scratches and changing weather conditions.

Flooring options such as marble, tiles and vinyl flooring requires maintenance and care to keep them intact. But cement flooring seldom requires any type of alteration and replacements. With a wide number of styles and colors, it is quiet easy to find perfect flooring varieties to add charm and poise to your home or office décor. Today cement floorings are also widely used in garages, hotels, hospitals and restaurants.

A large number of people prefer to use cement flooring in homes and offices as it is available in different designs and varieties at relatively low price rates. Today people prefer to use unique flooring designs to decorate their homes and office spaces. Concrete flooring is the perfect choice for flooring as it is a unique blend of beauty and low cost.

It is also considered to be one of the most versatile products available. Cement flooring can be etched to resemble marble, tile and other types of flooring options. Moreover, it can be easily cleaned and requires less maintenance. Regular sweeping and mopping will keep the surface clean and tidy.

Cement flooring is also ingrained with a number of health benefits. As it is does not retain dust or pollens, it does not trap allergens and are considered beneficial to people suffering from allergies.