Important Health Benefits Of Amla Juice

Amla juice is derived from the Indian gooseberry which is a rich source of Vitamin C. Ever since ages; this fleshy fruit has been used for a wide number of medicinal purposes. It has an extensive range of health benefits. As the fruit contains Vitamin C, it helps to avoid infection and diseases. It also contains antioxidants which help to reduce free radicals present in the body.

Regular consumption of amla juice helps to fight diabetes, heart diseases, digestive problems and liver diseases. Apart from health benefits, this juice is also consumed for healthy skin, eyes and better growth of hair. Amla is used in various hair oils as it is believed to strengthen the hair and enhance its growth.

Digestive Problems: Amla juice is one of the best remedies for all types of digestive problems which include constipation, diarrhea, indigestion and dysentery. Consumption of the juice every morning can help to alleviate digestive problems to a large extent. It can be mixed with various other juices or drinks as the concentrated taste can be quite sour.

Amla Juice

Liver Functions: It helps to boost the functions of the liver. The juice is known to reduce cholesterol and sugar levels in the blood.

Beauty Remedy: This fruit is known to reduce the amount of toxins present in the blood. It thereby reduces acne and other skin problems. It helps to reduce oily skin and fights acne and pimples. The juice is known to strengthen the hair as it is a rich source of vitamin C and protein. It also helps to improve the texture and color of the hair.

Wrinkles: It also helps to delay the process of aging and reduce visible wrinkles to a large extent.

It is quite easy to prepare gooseberry juice. It can be diluted with water and mixed with honey or sugarcane juice. The mixture can be used to treat anemia.

Gooseberry juice can even be bought online from various reputed online stores at various price rates. It is available in different types of mixtures. It is essential to buy these juices according to specific requirements.

Make Own Herbal Hair Oil And Its Benefits

Hair fall is one of the most common problems faced by majority of the people today. Lack of proper hair care, change in climatic conditions, bad lifestyle, pollution and other problems can often lead to loss of hair in both men and women alike. Baldness affects people at a very young age nowadays.

However, today there are many herbal products that can help to solve the problem of hair fall. Proper nourishment of hair is quite essential to obtain heavy, shiny and bouncy hair. Proper herbal hair oil can help healthy growth of hair. Oil is considered to be quite essential as it nourishes the hair from the root to the tip.

Benefits of Herbal Hair Oil:

Herbal hair oil is known to reduce hair fall to a great extent as it includes some of the best natural ingredients such as amla, methi, coconut, tulsi, til, brahmi, henna and various other types of herbs. Most of these ingredients can be used internally too such as tulsi, amla, coconut and so forth.

Amla Hair Oil

Among these ingredients, amla is one of the most powerful ingredients which are used for the growth of hair. It also prevents premature graying of hair and loss of hair. It improves the texture of the hair by giving it an extra shine and bouncy effect. It also works as a natural conditioner due to its ingrained qualities.

There are various types of herbal hair oil products which can be bought from online stores at affordable price rates. Herbal oil can be made at home too with the inclusion of coconut oil, amla, tulsi, shikakai and so forth. This hair oil can help to increase the growth of hair. It is also known to intensify the color of the hair.

Herbal hair oil products vary according to the type of hair. As there are different products made available through various online stores, it is important to choose products that suit particular hair type. There are hair oils for dry hair, oily hair and a combination of both.

Hair oil is indispensable for the healthy growth of hair. Therefore choose products that suit all types of hair from online stores.

Essential Ingredients Of Hair Oil

Hair care is an important part of caring for body. Hair oils effectively help us in doing so as they contain extracts of organic and natural components. Nature offers us hundreds of ingredients that can be used widely in hair products to reap the benefits naturally. For long, shiny, strong and healthy hair, oil massage is very important and that too with a hair oil that has one or more ingredients as mentioned below:

Coconut Extracts: Oil extracted from the coconut acts like a soothing moisturizer to your hair. Apart from keeping the hair soft, shiny and silky, it also adds strength to the roots. Many beauticians recommend using coconut oil as a leave-in conditioner for thick and black hair. People with dry hair troubles can get immense help by using virgin coconut oil at least twice a week.

Hair Oil

Hair Oil

Indian Gooseberry or Amla: This has been an ancient remedy for treating a host of hair problems like hair fall, dandruff etc. The extract of this fruit stimulates the hair follicle and encourages hair growth. By nourishing the hair shaft, hair oil containing amla makes the tresses black and shiny. It has excellent cleansing properties, thus prevents dandruff.

Nettle: This has been used since decades to fight hair loss and encourage hair regrowth. Commonly known as stinging nettle, this extract is found in hair tonics, oils and in capsule forms. Nettle also revives hair colour and adds moisture to the strands. It is also known to eliminate dandruff troubles.

Honey: Being a light humectant, honey adds moisture to the hair thus keeping it soft and smooth. It also has antibacterial properties, thus keeps away scalp infections. Often honey and olive oil is mixed together and applied as hair mask for healthy hair.

Jojoba Extract: Jojoba has humectant properties as well and treats damaged ends perfectly. Jojoba oils provide a balanced nutrition to the scalp thereby stimulating hair growth and restraining hair fall. For oily hair, this oil is ideal as it is non-greasy and gives hair a natural shine.

Virgin Olive: An excellent hair softener, olive oil has soothing effects that seals the nutrition within the scalp and softens the hair. Try to get “extra virgin” olive oil as it is completely organic and does not have any chemical treatment done to it. You can use this as a pre-shampoo pack.

The variety of hair oils available in the market has many more ingredients like castor seed extracts, avocado, shea butter, aloe vera, reetha, shikakai etc. A complete balanced nutrition for hair is essential for its health and growth. It is best to have food rich in vitamin C along with dark green vegetables, salmon, beans, nuts, eggs, whole grains, oysters and carrots for healthy hair.

Importance of Various Types of Hair Oils

Daily styling and pollution can lead to loss of shine and damage to your hair. It is necessary to protect your tresses with the right type of hair oil. There are various types of hair oils available in the markets today. Good hair oil keeps your hair healthy and shiny. It also protects the tresses from environmental pollution and daily wear and tear. Lack of proper moisturizers can lead to frizzy hair, dandruff, hair fall and rough unmanageable tresses.

Goodness of Amla Hair Oil   

Although there are a huge variety of oils available quite easily in many of the online stores, Amla hair oil is one of the most popular varieties of oils available today. Made from excellent Indian gooseberries, the Amla hair oil is manufactured by a number of leading companies in the country.

Amla hair oil is ingrained with a number of benefits. It keeps the hair healthy and bouncy. It enriches the hair follicles and prevents hair fall and other related issues. It is massaged onto the scalp for healthy and glowing hair.

In addition to amla hair oil, almond oil can also be used for healthy hair and scalp. It is often massaged onto the scalp for excellent results. It is also known to be an excellent conditioner.

Coconut oil is another variety of hair oil that is used in most parts of the country. It is known to nourish the scalp and leave the hair healthy, shiny and bouncy.

Mustard oil is also ideal hair oil as it helps to fight dandruff. It is also used in winters as it protects the hair from extreme cold climates.

Olive oil is beneficial for the hair and the skin. It helps to keep the skin smooth and glowing. It is known to be an excellent conditioner.

In addition to the above mentioned hair oils, lavender oil is also applied on the hair as it is sweet smelling and helps to relax the senses. It is used widely in aromatherapies. All types of oils have unique features and need to be used appropriately. Different types of hair oils can be bought from online stores too.

Hair Oil to Obtain Beautiful Tresses

There are different types of hair oils available in the markets today. Both the online and offline stores are hoarded with a variety of hair care products that promise healthy, shiny and bouncy hair. Oil is one of the most essential hair care products required for healthy hair. Daily wear and tear, pollution, use of dyes and styling products tend to damage the natural shine and glow of your hair, leaving it dull and unhealthy. The human scalp produces natural hair oil called sebum to protect the hair. But due to the over exposure to varying climatic conditions and pollution, this natural oil becomes insufficient.

Types of Hair Oil

Oil is necessary to condition your hair and to keep your scalp healthy. Hair oil serves as an excellent conditioner and aids in better hair growth. There are a huge number of hair oils available today and some of the most commonly and widely used varieties include the following.                                                                                               

Almond oil: A rich source of vitamin A, the almond oil provides deep conditioning and promotes healthy growth of hair. It keeps your hair shiny, black and tangle free when massaged onto the scalp. It is used in most of the styling creams, gels and other hair products.

Coconut oil: One of the best hair conditioners, coconut oil is clinically proven to promote hair growth. It also reduces hair fall to a large extent. The oil should be heated and applied to the scalp in circular motions to achieve best results. Coconut oil helps to reduce dandruff and hair fall.

Mustard oil: One of the most popular hair oil is the mustard oil which keeps the scalp deeply conditioned. It helps to condition the hair during winters, leaving your hair smooth and shiny. Regular application of mustard oil keeps away dandruff and prevents premature graying.

Olive oil: Enriched in vitamins, this unique oil is considered to be one of the finest oils available on earth. It has a number of beneficial qualities apart from being one of the best hair conditioners. It is ideal for the skin and health.

Hair oils are available in different varieties and each variety has its own miraculous properties. Choose the best oil that suits your hair type to obtain healthy and shiny hair.

Choose a Good Hair Oil for Hair Loss

It is often said that had it not been for hair, more people would people would have fallen under the ‘good looking’ segment than the current statistics. As hair loss is attributed to many factors like genetics, stress, age etc. it is but obvious that you have 2 options now – either you go for hair treatments or avoid being in front of the mirror often. One of the most popular aspects of fighting hair loss is getting some hair oils.

Hair oils not only nourish your hair (and scalp) but prepare the hair against pollution and many other factors. As there is a difference in how a person’s hormones will react to different hair oils, it becomes difficult to choose the most appropriate one. Here, the ‘step 1 to 5 method’ helps a lot.

Step 1

Even a small research will yield half a dozen of hair oil. Now, check the ingredients and search about the ingredients as if you are giving points to them (in the context of hair oil). You can use the internet to check the feedback about the brands as well. Feedbacks on the blogs have more credibility than promotion based web feedback.

Step 2

It is always better to cross check the hair oil brand with a dermatologist. Consult and get suggestions as well.

Step 3

It is always recommended to buy it directly from the base company as more the middlemen more are the chances of adultery.

Step 4

Take the smallest of packets or bottles. Even if a 50 or 100 ml sachet is available, go for it. Use it for a week or so and check the results in terms of how your body is responding or how comfortable you are feeling (not the main results). And even check how the hair oil reacts with your scalp.

Step 5

Once the initial aspects are cleared, give yourself at least a couple of months to check the main results. Our body is not a machine hence it needs some time to rectify the imbalance.

Lastly, if you are suffering from a scalp based infection, it is better to visit a dermatologist rather than directly zeroing-in on a hair oil or any other non-doctor monitored methods.