Importance Of Solar Heating Systems In Recent Times

The uses of solar heating systems have found a profound increase in the recent times. The limited availability of oil, power and natural gas is one of the major reasons for the use of these heating systems. Moreover, there are many advantages of harnessing the energy from the sun.

There are a huge variety of solar heating systems available in many of the online stores at reasonable price rates. Today different types of heating systems with advanced technological features are being used in many of the countries all over the world. It proves to be one of the most economical and efficient methods of heating homes and offices.

Reasons For Solar Heating Systems Usage:

Economical: These heating systems are cost efficient, though its initial cost of installation is quite high. As it utilizes the energy from the sun, it incurs no other charges. The passive heating systems incur very less costs compared to the active heating systems.

solar heating systems

Efficient: Compared to the other heating systems, these units are quite efficient and can be utilized to heat large rooms, swimming pools and other areas. However, it is important to install the right type of heating panels which draw the energy from the sun.

Easy To Maintain: The solar heating systems are easy to maintain as it seldom requires repairs and replacements. It is easy to use and involves no risks.

Environment Friendly: Unlike the other types of heating systems, it does not pollute the environment while heating. Natural gas like coal causes air pollution while heating. By using the energy from the sun, such pollutions can be avoided which will lead to a cleaner environment.

Types Of Solar Heating Systems:

Basically there are two types of heating systems which utilize the energy from the sun to heat homes and other spaces- the active and the passive solar heating systems.

Active Heating Systems: Considered to be one of the most efficient heating systems, the active heating system can be further categorized into two. The first form involves the use of a solar collector which heats a fluid. This fluid can be either air or water. The heat is then transferred to the rooms through ducts. It can also be stored in insulated tanks for future use.

solar heating systems

The second form of active heating systems includes the use of rooftop collectors which capture the energy from the sun. This is one of the most common ways to heat homes, swimming pools and other spaces. Nevertheless, it is essential to install large panels or rooftop collectors to heat large areas and homes.

Passive Heating Systems: The second form of heating system is the passive heating system which includes specifically designed rooms called solariums that has the capacity to absorb heat. Black colored water tanks which are installed on roof tops also aid in capturing solar energy. Also Know more about solar energy products.

Widespread Usage of Solar Heating Systems

Solar Heating SystemsThe depletion of existing natural resources has led to the use of solar energy as it is the most renewable form of energy. Known to be one of the cleanest sources of energy, it is now widely used for various types of solar heating systems. Studies have proved that for the next five billion years, the sun will continue to provide light and heat.

Since there are many benefits of using the solar heating systems, the popularity and usage of these heating systems have witnessed a profound surge in demand. It is being utilised in many of the countries which experience colder climates. Being eco-friendly and comparatively economical, it is widely used different parts of the world. Moreover, nowadays a huge variety of heating systems are available in the online stores at reasonable rates.

Benefits of Using Solar Heating Systems

Due to its wide and varied benefits, heating systems of different varieties and designs are being used to heat homes and offices. Some of the most important benefits of utilising solar heating systems include the following:

Economical: Compared to the other forms of heating systems which require expensive sources of energy such as electricity, fuel and gas, the solar heating systems, are more economical and cost effective. After the initial cost of installation, the utilisation charges are negligible as it uses the energy from the sun to heat water and homes.

Less maintenance: These heating systems require lesser maintenance compared to the other types of heating systems.

Optimum Utilisation: The solar heating systems can be utilised any time regardless of power options. It works during power outrages which is an added advantage during winters.

Environment friendly: The heating systems are preferred by most of the people as it is eco-friendly and seldom pollutes the environment while functioning. It does not release poisonous or harmful gases while heating air or water.

It is important to choose the correct size of heating system as it varies according to individual requirements. Huge houses require huge panels which transfer heat to the solar collectors. The location of installation is also important while utilising solar heating systems. These heating systems should be installed in the direction of the sun which will help to tap the solar energy more effectively.

There are basically two types of solar heating systems mainly the air based and the liquid based systems. These systems are known as active heating systems which are more effective than the passive heating systems. These heating systems heat water or air and store it in specific collectors to heat homes and offices. The collected heat is then transferred to the homes through vents installed in the rooms.

The passive heating systems include the process of absorbing heat through walls and roofs. It is less efficient compared to the active heating systems but can be used to heat smaller areas in homes.

Online purchase of heating systems proves to be beneficial as it is available in different designs and varieties. However, it is important to avail the services of a professional while installing heating systems in homes and offices.

Solar Heating Systems- Why Is It Gaining Significance?

Harnessing the energy from the sun was first initiated by the early Greeks in the year 400 B.C. Even though there were a series of other inventions; the actual device was developed and popularized in the 20th century.

From then on, the traditional heating methods have been replaced by the solar heating systems in many of the countries. Today there are many leading manufacturers that sell a variety of these heating systems which can be utilized for domestic as well as commercial heating purposes.

Why Are Solar Heating Systems Preferred?

There are many reasons for the widespread usage of these heating systems in many countries which experience harsh weather conditions. Some of the most important reasons shall be discussed in the following sections.

Shortage of fuels: With the shortage of fuels and the rising costs of the conventional heating methods, more and more people have begun to realize the importance of solar heating systems.

Economical: The use of these heating systems, which utilize the energy from the sun, is considerably one of the cheapest ways to heat homes and commercial sites. There is a huge reduction in the electricity bills as compared to the conventional heaters.

Renewable: Compared to the other sources of energy such as coal, oil and fossil fuels, the energy from the sun lasts forever.

Clean and natural: Solar heating systems are known to be the most natural and clean form of heating systems that can be used for heating, cooling and lighting purposes.

Global warming: Another important reason why most of the people prefer to use these heating systems is because it is environment friendly. It seldom causes any type of pollution unlike the fossil fuels which release harmful toxins into the atmosphere, thereby creating global warming.

Various Types of Solar Heating Systems

Solar electric systems: Also known as Photovoltaics, these systems convert sunlight into electrical power. It is quite an expensive method of generating electric power.

Thermal systems: Another type of heating system is the thermal solar heating systems which utilize the sun’s energy for heating purposes. The thermal systems are mainly used for three purposes-
To heat spaces
To heat swimming pools
To heat water

The thermal systems are further categorized into two types- the Active systems and the Passive systems

Active systems: The active systems are known to be more efficient and expensive compared to the passive systems. In the active systems, heat is transferred by moving water with the help of electric pumps and valves. The active systems are further sub-divided into two types- the closed loop systems and the open loop systems. The closed loop systems are used in countries with colder climates as it is more efficient compared to the other heating systems.

Passive systems: One of the greatest advantages of the passive heating system is its low and easy maintenance. Moreover, it can function without electric power. The passive solar heating systems are also available in two types- the Thermosyphon and the Integral Collectors Storage (ICS).

In brief, the use of solar heating systems is one of the most efficient and affordable methods to integrate power for heating purposes.