Health Benefits of Hot Water Bottles

Health benefits of hot water bottles are many. Hot water bottles are widely used to provide human body with warmth and comfort resulting in relief from pain. They are a practical, affordable and eco-friendly solution to many problems.

In winters, you can keep water bottle filled with hot water under your blanket and enjoy it as a bed warmer. This helps in getting warmth and relief from cold. Hot water bottles are cheaper compared to costly hot blankets and user friendly too. You can keep it along, when you are on a journey too. It can be used with hot water available at hotels and restaurants also. Hot water bottles can conveniently be used when you are watching TV, reading a book or working on a computer. You can put the water bottle filled with hot water behind your back and rest your back on it or put it inside your jacket and enjoy your work.

Water Bottle

When you are experiencing some pain in your body like aching muscles, joints, neck or chest pain, etc. you can place the hot water bottle at the aching point and get instant relief from pain because heat reduces the pain by diluting its effect. When the skin at the affected part comes in contact with heat, the heat receptors block the effect pain sensation in the body, thereby giving relief from pain. It is beneficial to use hot water bottle as a pain reliever than taking tablets or applying pain balms which may cause other reactions.

Hot Water Bottle

Use of water bottles has no bad effect, except that you need to cautious of the water temperature while filling the bottle. Hot water bottles are very useful for women during their menstrual periods to overcome pain. By keeping the water bottle filled with hot water in their lap, they can experience comfort and relief at the same time. Sometimes water bottles can help in digestion of food and better blood circulation by keeping them around lower stomach.

Use of hot water bottle does not burden you with any extra cost like other heating pads and electric blankets which raise your electricity bills. Further there is no risk of getting electric current in using water bottles. It is also a perfect warmer, when you go for camping outside during winters. To know more about water bottle click here.

Various Types and Benefits of Use Plastic Water Bottles

Plastic water bottles is one of the most popular commodities used by people all over the world. Plastic water bottles are usually made of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), which is absolutely safe for consumption. Different types of bottles are made of different types of plastic.  Some of these bottles can be reused and recycled whereas the others should not be reused.

Plastic Water Bottles- Understanding the Different Types

Plastic Water BottlesPolyethylene Terephthalate (PET): Most of the bottles made from PET are labeled with the number ‘one’. It is a durable plastic and used in the manufacture of water and juice bottles. Nevertheless, it cannot be reused.

High-Density Polyethylene (HDP): This material is used to manufacture water packaging containers. It is a thicker and denser variety of material.

Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE): Water bottles made from LDPE are usually used as sports water bottles.

There are many other types of plastic such as the Polystyrene, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), which cannot be used for packaging water.

Basic Advantages of Using Plastic Water Bottles

Though there are many myths enshrouding the use of plastic water bottles, it is still considered one of the versatile products found in the markets today. It has a number of advantages compared to many other materials. Some of the most important advantages shall be discussed in the following paragraphs.

Durable: One of the greatest advantages of plastic is its natural flexibility. It is immensely durable and seldom breaks when dropped. It can also be recycled a number of times.

Light-weight: Another attractive feature of these bottles is its light-weight. It is therefore quiet easy to carry compared to steel and aluminum bottles.

Safe: It is also one of the safest materials that can be used to package food and drinks if it is manufactured using Polyethylene Terephthalate or PET. Compared to glass bottles, these water bottles are quite safe as it negates the possibility of breakages.

Recyclable: These water bottles can be easily recycled and reused. It therefore helps to reduce environment pollution. This can help to save resources as industries utilize the same products repeatedly.

Shelf-life: Alcohols and other beverages are known to last longer when stored in these bottles as it is heat –resistant and durable. It can also be transported easily without the fear of breakages.

Clarity: Another advantage of using these bottles is its clarity. Most of the consumers prefer to use clear bottles so that any visible impurities can be detected. A variety of water bottles of different shapes and sizes can be bought from many online stores at reasonable price rates.

Better insulation: Compared to the other bottles, the plastic water bottles provide better insulation. Therefore, it is easy to maintain the temperature of both hot water and cold water.

Nowadays, these bottles are used for a wide variety of purposes including the storage of alcohols. It is now used to store wine and beer as manufacturers have identified several advantages of using these bottles. A wide variety of these bottles, which can be used for various purposes, can be bought from leading online stores.