Uses And Benefits Of Outdoor Solar Lamps

Solar energy is used all over the world as it is the cleanest and safest renewable source of energy. It is used in small and large applications all over the world. As there are different types of lights and lamps available, it is important to choose lighting system according to the purpose, application, needs, budget and so forth.

Solar lamps are quite ideal for outdoor and indoor lighting systems. However, it is extremely cost efficient when it is used for outdoor lighting purposes. Although most people consider these lighting systems to be quite expensive, it is in fact one of the most cost efficient types of lights which can be used for many years together.

There are various aspects to consider before choosing to install these lights. Some of the most important reasons to install these lights include accentuation of the landscape, security reasons and so forth.

Outdoor Solar Lights:

There are different types of solar lighting systems which are used outdoors. Some of the most important varieties include flood lights, lamp posts, security lights, spot lights and walkway lights. All these lights are used for specific and different purposes.

Outdoor Solar Lamp

Security Lights: Solar lamps are also used as security lights in gardens and other highly restricted areas to illuminate it. These lights can illuminate the area whenever the motion sensors detect any movement in dark areas. It is an ideal choice for security lamps as it is long lasting, efficient and cost effective in many ways.

Solar Lamps: It is used in drive ways, boat deck posts and walkways near to homes. These lamps are long lasting and tensile. It has the ability to withstand the vagaries of nature. Although these lamps are quite pricey in the beginning, it is affordable in the long run as it seldom includes any maintenance costs.

Outdoor Solar Lamps

Apart from these two varieties, there are walkway lights and spot lights which also use solar lighting systems. These lamps are considered to be safe as it hardly requires any electrical wires. It can therefore be used safely around children and pets. Moreover, it also helps to preserve energy in the long run. Today there are a plethora of sizes and styles of lamps found on many of the online stores at affordable prices.

Why Solar Battery Used Widely Though It Is Expensive

Solar battery is used to accumulate or store the solar energy when it collected with the help of solar panels. These batteries can be utilized for a wide range of purposes. It is also used to save solar power and use it when it is essential or when there is lack of solar energy. These batteries are basically deep cycle batteries which radiate less power in the beginning but retain its power for a long period of time.

Solar Batteries And Its Costs:

The solar batteries seldom discharge any toxin substances and therefore it is considered to be quite environment friendly. However, it involves high initial cost which is one of the drawbacks of using this battery.

solar battery

Nevertheless, these batteries include a large number of beneficial features so it often outweighs the cost of the products. Solar battery can be bought from online stores too at affordable price rates. These batteries require specific chargers to charge the device. Solar chargers require ample amount of time to recharge the batteries.

There are different types of solar chargers which include portable chargers which are quiet useful. It can be used to charge all types of devices quite easily.

Although solar batteries are expensive now, the prices of these products can come down in the future as scientists are discovering new innovative techniques to harness the power of the sun in an economical manner. A combination of products is used nowadays to bring down the prices of solar products.

Even though the initial costs of solar products are quite high, it hardly requires any type of maintenance and repairs in future. It tends to lasts for a long period of time.

Today there are a wide variety of solar lighting options made available through various online and offline stores. Solar outdoor lights, street lights and lamps are becoming more and more popular in the recent years due to its beneficial features. Solar heating systems are used profusely in various homes and offices to heat water and the entire building.

The significant use of solar batteries and other products have increased manifold in the past several years as it is environment friendly and economical in many ways. To know more about solar battery click here.

Importance Of Solar Battery In Solar Power Systems

Solar power systems are widely used for various applications as it is one of the best renewable sources of energy. However, an off grid solar power system requires a good capacity solar battery for better storage capacity. The solar arrays produce energy which is stored in deep cycle batteries and this provides power to various applications during demand.

However, there are companies which design lower capacity batteries with less storage system. This can eventually wreck havoc on the systems. During cloudy weather, the production capacity of the solar chargers is low and this leads to lesser storage of solar power in the batteries. In due course of time, insufficient back up power can cause depletion and failure of systems.

Solar Power Systems

In most cases, there is an imbalance between solar panels and the capacity of the batteries. If the number of solar panels is much more than the number of batteries, the energy is wasted. If there are a larger number of batteries and fewer numbers of panels, the batteries seldom receive the full amount of charge. The accumulated power may deplete during the night.

Solar batteries with lower capacity experience a higher discharge and this induces the batteries to work more efficiently which ultimately reduces the life of the batteries. In such cases, the batteries need to be replaced every 2 to 4 years instead of 5 to 7 years.

Today there are companies which manufacture high quality solar battery with ample storage facilities. Most of these batteries exhibit excellent performance.

Proper maintenance of the batteries ensures its long life. It is important to check the water level of the batteries, clean the terminals with an anti-corrosive cleaner and so forth.

It is important to choose the capacity of the battery according to the requirements of the appliances. Calculate the usage of homes or office spaces before installing solar panels and storage batteries. Seek the assistance of an expert who has relevant experience in installing solar panels and batteries. Solar batteries of different sizes and capacities can be bought from various online stores at affordable price rates.

Important Facts and Benefits of Diaphragm Pumps

A diaphragm pump is a displacement pump which can be used to pump fluids using a flexible membrane. A series of check valves are used by these pumps to ensure that the fluid travels in only one direction. These pumps are mainly designed to pump slurries, liquids and sludge.

Features and Benefits:

In the air diaphragm pump, the air is drawn into the pump which raises the piston and lifts the diaphragm. When the check valve ball lifts, the liquid flows into the pump. The pump discharges when the piston height is at its maximum level.

Diaphragm Pump

These pumps are considered to be the most efficient types of pumps used for a wide variety of purposes. It has the capacity to handle various types of liquids with high, low and medium viscosities. It can also pump liquids with solids. It can be used to pump acidic materials too.

These pumps can be used to process thick types of liquids and slurries which often contain high concentrate and solid waste materials. These pumping devices have the ability to prime itself which is considered to be an added advantage of these devices.

Diaphragm pumps are of various types which include liquid pumps, air pumps, small pumps, high pressure pumps and many more. Most of these devices can be bought easily from online stores at various price rates.

Diaphragm Pumps

These pumps include various beneficial features as it can be used in different applications. It is quite versatile and efficient in many ways. There are both metallic and non-metallic pumps which can be bought from online stores at reasonable prices.

The double pumps will run dry for a long period of time without causing any damages to the pumping devices. Some of the companies manufacture excellent diaphragm pumps which can be used in various climatic conditions. It is also non-corrosive in nature.

Most of these pumps are easy to install and use. It includes less maintenance and therefore it can be used for a long period of time effectively. It is portable and quite ideal for usages in multiple locations. These pumps are designed with leak proof valves which reduce mess and losses.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Solar Inverters

Solar inverter also known as photovoltaic inverter can be broadly classified into three types. These include stand-alone, grid-tie and battery backup inverters.

Standalone solar inverter is mostly used to convert direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). These inverters draw their DC power direct from batteries that are solar charged and transform it into AC power that is used for domestic supply and small establishments. Most standalone inverters also have an integrated facility to charge their batteries from other resources like engine generators, hydro turbines and wind turbines. As they are not hooked up to power utility grids, they do not require anti-islanding protection. Sometimes micro inverters are fixed to each solar panel separately to act as separate entities for use to small power appliances.

Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter

Grid-tie solar inverter is designed to match phase with utility charged sine-wave. These inverters are tied up with utility grids and are required to conform to the frequency and voltage norms of utility grids with which they are tied up. This facilitates the user to get continuous flow of power supply from the utility grids, even when the inverter is unable to produce requisite quantum of power. Grid-tie system solar inverters are also empowered with an auto turn off facility during times of power losses for some safety reasons. So, they cannot provide power back up during such occasions. Further, these grid-tie inverters require anti-islanding protection.

Battery backup inverters are specially designed to draw and manage the power drawn from solar panels. This type of solar inverter is capable of holding the requisite amount of power back up to maintain incessant power supply during power outages. It can easily manage the battery charge with the help of on board battery chargers and any excess energy produced is exported to the utility grids.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Solar Inverter:

• A good quality solar inverter of long life is to be opted.
• Solar panels must be sufficient in number to run the inverter otherwise inverter may get damaged.
• Installing too many solar panels may sometimes cause excessive power production which may not be carried over to next year by your utility grid and thereby you may incur loss.
• String inverters of grid-tie system can be more efficient as they give more voltage with low current due to inter wiring of solar panels into a string of panels.

Things To Know While Buying Solar Battery Chargers

With increasing focus on eco friendly ways of living, solar chargers have an increasing demand. While purchasing solar battery chargers, you need to be cautious and careful about some important factors. Many types of solar chargers are available in the market with low charging capacity and defective qualities. So it is important to discern a good charger from a bad one based on its quality, wattage, durability, weight and manufacturer.

Solar chargers come in wide range of capacities. A good charger may be a bit costlier, but would give you a prolonged service. Normally a portable simple solar battery charger is good enough for meeting day to day requirements of recharging of batteries of cars, mobile phones, laptops, emergency flash lights and other electrical gadgets. Huge solar charger panels which are placed on roof tops of buildings for huge power requirements are also available for heavy charging requirements.

Solar Battery Charger

Solar Battery Charger

Choose the solar charger depending on Ah charging capacity requirement. For example if you need to charge a car battery of 100 Ah, it may take more than 10 hours to charge the car battery, if you purchase a solar battery charger of 10 Ah. Different battery chargers with varying capacities are fit for charging from 12 volt power capacity to 48 volt power capacity. A battery of 12 volt power normally requires 14 to 18 volt power to charge it. You can expect the price of a higher capacity charger to be higher too.

Buying solar charger with a charge controller facility is a good thing, so that batteries are not over charged. Buy a battery charger which has the feature of charging in dim light and night time too. Solar chargers with advanced technology have capacity to store the solar power that is being drawn during day time and use that stored power for charging batteries when power is low. This feature can help you at times of emergency.

Buying small pocket holding type solar battery charger can also serve in handy for emergency support. It can help in temporary charging the battery of mobile phones, emergency lights and other electrical appliances.

Advantages of Biodegradable Plastic

Biodegradable plastic, as its name suggests, is capable of biologically decomposing itself into its base compounds of water, carbon dioxide and biomass over a period of time. This plastic is environment friendly, hence is being now widely used as a solution for the ever increasing pollution problem across the globe.

Conventional plastic, which is a petrochemical based product, is not easily absorbed by nature. When dumped on earth, it prevents passage of water and air into soil thereby reducing fertility of soil. Even after destruction, it leaves a reminiscent layer on earth which is insoluble.

biodegradable plastic life cycle

But biodegradable plastic is not a product of petrochemicals. It is made from agricultural and animal resources like starch, cellulose, casein, collagen etc. which are easily absorbable. When such plastic gets buried under soil, it gradually gets decomposed on its own into gases and water and disappears from the place after a short period of time. It does not leave any residual layer on the soil as well. So, biodegradable plastic is a better solution for environmental protection and pollution control.

biodegradable plastic

There are many doubts regarding the feasibility of the use of biodegradable plastic like the high cost factor and requirement of space for composting. Even then, the usage of biodegradable plastic can be considered as beneficial and good for many reasons some of which are summed up below.

It is not a product of petrochemical and does not contain any element of chemicals, hence is eco-friendly.

• It is decomposable into its natural elements which mean it returns to nature easily.
• It gives us all the uses of other conventional plastic.
• Production of biodegradable plastic requires less energy.
• Its use decreases import of petroleum products as biodegradable plastic does not require petroleum for its composition unlike conventional plastic.
• Even when animals consume these plastic bags, it is not harmful because of being produced from natural elements.
• When this plastic gets littered around the streets due to carelessness or gets blown away by winds, you need not get worried because it as the decomposition easily takes place within some weeks.