How To Secure Your Curtain Rods

Curtains play a very important role in the interior designing and in making your rooms look beautiful. And for hanging curtains, curtain rods are required. There should be a wise selection of curtain rods to give a beautiful drape look to your curtains.

In general there are three kinds of curtain rods which are used for hanging the curtains – The spring rod – The decorative curtain rods and the standard rod. The slash rod which looks like a rectangular tube and can fit into similar shaped tubes to make it longer is the most popular rod among all the three rods. Among a wide variety of curtain rods available in the market, you can choose fancy rods made of plastic, wood or metal on the basis of curtains that you want to hang on them.

decorative curtain rods

You can decorate your rooms by using curtains of different and beautiful designs. You can secure your curtain rods through a lot of ways. They should be fixed properly and for making sure that the work is done perfectly, you require some tools such as rods end caps, brackets and fasteners, measuring tape, power drill, plastic wall anchors or toggle bolts, pencil, screws and screw driver.

After making power drills in the walls, brackets are used for holding the curtains. Two brackets can properly hold the curtain; required condition is that they should be perfectly screwed in the wall. Make sure that your curtain rods can bear the weight of your curtains and for safety point of view also there is no risk of falling off in future.

Before hanging the curtain rods, following things should be kept in mind such as height and width of window space which you want to cover with curtains, the height of the curtain headings and the height of tools on which you will hang the curtain like hooks, tabs or rings. The height of rod is also very important. There can be different heights for window treatments such as still, below still, floor length and puddle length.

Consider the overall interior design of your room and select the window dressing based on the shape of windows in your home. Carefully choose your curtain rods and give an attractive interior space as well as ambiance to your home.

Bedroom Furniture Ideas For Newlywed Couples

Bedroom is a personal space where one shares many special moments especially the newly wed couples. This is where wonderful memories are created and eventually cherished. Therefore, it is important to make this room comfortable and fitting your choice. Decorating it with the right furniture should be a cost effective and efficient exercise. Bringing alive your very own special room would require a creative bent of mind coupled with some practical thinking.

A sensible bedroom furniture buy would typically include a double dresser, chest, mirror and bed. A night stand by the bed sides would be handy to create your own personal space, where you can keep things such as books, glasses, bedside lamp and the like at less than an arms distance. A stylish head board matching the bed in either modern or traditional style could be your very own style statement. Bedroom decor that allows you to use your existing furniture works the best, if you want to be well within the budget.

Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom Furniture

Three Important Factors for Choosing Bedroom Furniture

Style: A bedroom, with bed being undoubtedly the centre piece, should have stylish bedroom furniture that is a reflection of the fine blend of the personalities of the newlywed couple. It could be a combination of modern and traditional styles, if the couple differs in terms of their furniture style preference.

Storage: Serious consideration should be given to storage to avoid clutter and make the bedroom a tidy and safe place.

Size: The choice of the bed and mattress used should take into account the body size of both the partners and should be of high quality to last for quite some years. Size of the cabinets and cupboard should also be carefully chosen basis your requirement of space.

You can get exactly what you want from furniture shops that cater to your taste by choosing customized high end bedroom furniture at reasonable prices. Online shopping portals have made it easier for you to shop for furniture from the comfort of your home. Online specialists are just a call away to advise you on the best pieces and latest styles for every furniture piece that you need.

Decorate The Room With White Colored Bedroom Sets

It is often said that no color offers a sense of tranquil and calmness like white. White as in, mostly the plain classy white; though, other versions also go well. As a person spends almost 1/3rd of his or her life enjoying the catnap, accommodating white color to the maximum would definitely involve the white colored bedroom sets.

And as white colored bedroom sets are quite popular, there are many aspects which combine to provide that serene and relaxing feel ( also, the color white commands elegance like no other).

White Bedroom Sets
Hence some of the choicest yet simple and effective tips to utilize white colored bedroom sets are compiled as below:

The Theme:
The white-on-white method is popular and very common, but it still manages to weave a different league of magic. Here, you need to paint the walls white (almost the same kind of white, like the sets) and also decorate the room in white to get a white-on-white theme. Even the curtains, mattresses, lamps etc could be white.

If you have to use other colors in some aspects, choose colors like violet, light blue or green which go well with this combination. Another popular theme is the – minimal aesthetic theme. The best of white bedroom sets go well with the minimal aesthetic aspects (often, less is more in terms of elegance). More the open space, bigger would be the appearance. Also, make some place for a small seating area (for people to sit and talk).

White Bedroom Sets
As white does not manage to hide dirt like (these even lose their sheen) some other colors, it is important to hide the bedroom sets from dust, during shifting, direct sunlight etc. You can use a piece of cloth to protect white bedroom sets.

In case, you are in the mood to experiment, try the pearly white, off-white, pristine white, lilac white, creamy white and the elegant antique parchment variety. In fact, the antique parchment variety is almost synonymous with the 18th century English class.

Other Aspects:
Instead of posters, try framed prints. The decor style also will go well with white bedroom sets. If it is for youngsters, use creativity to weave a playful and light attitude/approach.

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