Benefits of DIY Solar Water Heater

DIY solar water heaters are becoming increasing popular these days as it has a number of beneficial qualities. The rising electricity bills and the shortage of fuels are among the most significant reasons for the increased usage of solar water heaters. There are many benefits of using these solar water heaters and some of the most important benefits shall be discussed in the following paragraphs in detail.

Advantages of Solar Water Heaters

Eco-friendly: One of the main advantages of the solar water heater is its eco-friendly nature. It reduces the emission of carbon into the air and utilizes the renewable sources of energy from nature-mainly the solar power. This helps to reduce the increasing pollution and green house effect which adversely affects the environment.

Use of existing pipelines: There is hardly any need to install new pipes for these water heaters as the same pipes can be utilized for transferring hot water into the homes. Hot water will be supplied to the old heater without the usage of electrical power. This in turn helps to reduce the costs of heating water and homes.

Less maintenance: One of the greatest advantages of the solar water heater is its low maintenance. As these heaters include less spare parts, it seldom involves any kind of replacement or repairs. It can be maintained quite easily.

Durable: As it involves less maintenance, it tends to lasts for a longer period of time unlike the other water heaters. It is thus durable and efficient compared to the conventional water heating systems.

Inexpensive: Apart from the initial cost of installation, the solar water heaters are quite inexpensive as it reduces the cost of power consumed for heating purposes.

These water heaters can be enclosed in glass boxes to create sufficient insulation around the water tank. This helps to trap the energy and keep the water hot. Some people also place movable mirrors, to trap the solar energy, on the water heaters. The rays of the sun are reflected on the water heaters when it hits the mirrors. The DIY solar water heater is considered to be the most economical and eco-friendly method of heating homes and water quite efficiently.

Widespread Usage of Solar Heating Systems

Solar Heating SystemsThe depletion of existing natural resources has led to the use of solar energy as it is the most renewable form of energy. Known to be one of the cleanest sources of energy, it is now widely used for various types of solar heating systems. Studies have proved that for the next five billion years, the sun will continue to provide light and heat.

Since there are many benefits of using the solar heating systems, the popularity and usage of these heating systems have witnessed a profound surge in demand. It is being utilised in many of the countries which experience colder climates. Being eco-friendly and comparatively economical, it is widely used different parts of the world. Moreover, nowadays a huge variety of heating systems are available in the online stores at reasonable rates.

Benefits of Using Solar Heating Systems

Due to its wide and varied benefits, heating systems of different varieties and designs are being used to heat homes and offices. Some of the most important benefits of utilising solar heating systems include the following:

Economical: Compared to the other forms of heating systems which require expensive sources of energy such as electricity, fuel and gas, the solar heating systems, are more economical and cost effective. After the initial cost of installation, the utilisation charges are negligible as it uses the energy from the sun to heat water and homes.

Less maintenance: These heating systems require lesser maintenance compared to the other types of heating systems.

Optimum Utilisation: The solar heating systems can be utilised any time regardless of power options. It works during power outrages which is an added advantage during winters.

Environment friendly: The heating systems are preferred by most of the people as it is eco-friendly and seldom pollutes the environment while functioning. It does not release poisonous or harmful gases while heating air or water.

It is important to choose the correct size of heating system as it varies according to individual requirements. Huge houses require huge panels which transfer heat to the solar collectors. The location of installation is also important while utilising solar heating systems. These heating systems should be installed in the direction of the sun which will help to tap the solar energy more effectively.

There are basically two types of solar heating systems mainly the air based and the liquid based systems. These systems are known as active heating systems which are more effective than the passive heating systems. These heating systems heat water or air and store it in specific collectors to heat homes and offices. The collected heat is then transferred to the homes through vents installed in the rooms.

The passive heating systems include the process of absorbing heat through walls and roofs. It is less efficient compared to the active heating systems but can be used to heat smaller areas in homes.

Online purchase of heating systems proves to be beneficial as it is available in different designs and varieties. However, it is important to avail the services of a professional while installing heating systems in homes and offices.

Different Types and Benefits Solar Heating Systems

Solar Heating SystemsSolar heating systems is widely increasing in many countries because it is one of the most beneficial forms of energy. In comparison to the other heating forms, the energy from the sun is known to be the cleanest form of energy. The use of these heating systems have increased manifold as most of the existing natural resources have been constantly decreasing.

There are multiple benefits of using the solar heating systems which explains the reason why it is widely used in many places. Today most of the online stores are flooded with a variety of heating systems which are in-built with a number of features. The following sections highlight some of the different types of heating systems and its advantages.

Different Types of Solar Heating Systems

There are different types of heating systems which are categorised according to its functions. The two main types of heating systems include the active and the passive heating system. The active heating system is further divided into two mainly- the liquid based and the air based heating systems.

The active solar heating systems can either be liquid based heaters or air based heaters. The liquid based heaters heat liquid and store it in energy collectors for the purpose of heating homes and water. The air based heaters heat air which is stored in energy collectors. Most of the people prefer to use active heating systems as it is more efficient and effective compared to the passive heating systems.

The passive solar heating systems involve the process of utilising tanks which are designed to transfer heat to the water stored in it. This process requires time and is less efficient compared to the active heating systems. It can be used to heat small homes and areas.

Advantages of Solar Heating Systems

Unlike the earlier days, most of the heating systems, which utilise the energy from the sun, are easy to install and operate. Apart from this, there are many other advantages of using these heating systems. Some of the most important benefits are listed below:

Eco-friendly: Compared to the other heating systems, the solar heating systems are environment friendly. It does not pollute the environment while in use. It does not emit any toxic substances either.

Cost effective- These heating systems are cost effective and economical as it utilises the energy from the sun. It does not incur electric charges and does not require any type of fuel to burn. Though the initial charges of installation are quite high, it incurs no further costs.

Maximum utilisation: Unlike the conventional electric heaters, it does not require electric power to work. It can be used during power outrages which are considered to be a major advantage of these heating systems.

Maintenance: These heating systems require lesser maintenance and can be operated easily.

Easy to install: The solar heating systems are easy to install though the initial installation charges are quite high.

Though most of these heating systems can be bought from many of the online stores at affordable price rates, installation may require professional assistance.