Tips To Choose Best Pathani Suit

Traditional pathani suits are among the most elegant mens wear which exudes a unique sense of charm and class. Today it is quite easy to find pathani suits from various online and offline stores at affordable rates. Traditional mens wear suits are available in a range of colors, designs, styles and sizes to suit different body type and style sense. These elegant suits should be chosen appropriately so that it exudes an indefinable charm.

These suits can be found in different materials too such as silk, cotton, polyester and so forth. Most people however, prefer to choose silk pathani suits as it appears more chic and sophisticated. It also exudes a sense of opulence with rich embroideries and thread work. There are online stores which showcase exclusively embellished pathani suits with deep rich colors and designs to suit wedding and other functions.

Pathani Suits

There are pathani suits for casual wears too which include dark colored plain black suits. Some people also prefer to wear white and cream colored suits for casual occasions. There are designer kurta pyjamas which can be worn for special occasions. Designer pathani suits are also available through online stores at reasonable price rates.

Bold plain colored suits are increasingly in vogue these days. Some people prefer to wear richly embroidered kurthas and pyjamas. These suits include designs near the neck and on the entire kurtha. Some of the most exquisite colors include deep maroon, red, olive green, orange, blue and so forth. There are a range of exotic colors in pathani suits such as velvet blue, stain red and bright golden which can be custom tailored according to the requirements of the wearers.

All these pathani suits can be worn along with matching stoles embellished with rich threads and designs. It is quite essential to consider the quality, embroidery, designs, textures and the material of the suits before buying it from any store.

Pathani suit can also be custom tailored according to the desires of the wearers. Designer suits are quite popularly worn by most of the Indian grooms during weddings and other functions. However, it is stylish to wear matching accessories along with the pathani suit.

Things To Know While Buying Mens Suits

Shopping for mens suits involves discretion and prudence. A wide range of different types of mens suits are available in market with varying range of costs, fabric quality, type, pattern and colours. One must consider all these factors and the purpose, while choosing a good suit.

While considering cost, you must think upon your budget. There are suits priced as low as Rs. 3,850 (USD 70) and can range up to even Rs. 55,000 (USD 1000), but you need to select the one that suits your requirements and affordability. Good quality woolen or other mens suits with single breasted or double breasted designs are available within the range of Rs. 5,500 to Rs. 11,000 (USD 100-USD 200) which are good, durable and worth purchasing.

Mens Suits

Fabric Quality:
Coming to quality of fabric, the most popularly used fabrics are woolen, cotton and linen. Woolen suits are wrinkle free, durable and give warmth to body. They are mostly suited for cold seasons. Cotton is best suited for summer. Silk and linen are best suited for special occasions and festivities.

Types of Suits:
Most popular types of mens suits are the American style, British style, Italian style and Mandarin style. American style mens suits jackets are featured with two buttons and a single vent on the back. They suit slim and tall bodies more appropriately. British styled suits have their jackets three buttoned with two vents on each side. The shoulders are padded and suit any body type.


mens suits

Mandarin type jackets are short collared and are closed up to the neck with many buttons. Italian suits are more fashionable with double breasts, very wide lapels and two button linings and have no vent. They are best suited for special occasions and parties. If your need is for both casual and official wear, you may opt for American or British type mens suits with single breasted jackets.

Different patterns of mens suits are available in the market. Some important are the solid type with no patterns at all, pinstripe patterns with very light thin vertical stripes and lines, windowpane patterns with very subtle squares and rectangles and the plaid patterns with vivid pleated material which are very costly.

Different colours of mens suits are available. But more common and popular colours are black, navy blue and grey. A light grey colour or different shades of tan are very suitable for all purposes and occasions.

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