Things To Know Before Buying A Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is a powerful and essential tool required in the field of construction. These machines are specifically designed to crush stones into small pieces. These crushers are usually found as stationery machines that can be installed in the construction premises. However, there are portable varieties of machines which are made available for ease of use and convenience.

These machines utilize hydraulic pressure to crush the stones into small pieces. It is possible to break down the stones into desired shapes and sizes with the use of these machines. There are basically two types of crushers which include the double toggle and the overhead eccentric. Different types of machines have specific features which enable the machine to perform the task of crushing the stones.

One of the basic advantages of using these machines is the ease and simplicity of loading and transporting smaller pieces of stones easily and quickly. It is quite easy to transport and dump stones when it is smaller in size.

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These machines are also widely used in construction sites to remove large sized debris. It is then easier to transport and discard the materials without any hassles.

One of the most widely used crushers is the double-toggle jaw crushers which are easy to use and cost effective. It utilizes less amount of energy as compared to the other types of machines.

There are several types of jaw crushers which can be bought easily from many of the reputed online and offline stores at affordable price rates. However, it is essential to consider various factors before choosing to buy these machines from online stores.

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Size of the crusher: Before choosing to buy these machines, it is essential to consider the size of the crusher. Most of the reputed online stores sell a huge variety of sizes which should be bought according to specific uses.

Length of the chamber: It is also important to consider the length and size of the chamber of the jaw crusher before buying it. If the length of the jaw crusher is long, the machine is capable of more power. It is wise to choose crushers with long chambers as it can easily crush solid materials.

Tips To Extend The Life Of Jaw Crushers

The mobile jaw crusher is one of the most efficient and useful machines which are mainly used for crushing hard materials. These crushers find its application in rock mining fields as it helps to crush the rocks into fine particles. There are stationary and mobile jaw crushers too which can be bought easily for various construction purposes. It can be found in different models too with varied features. Most of these machines are simple to operate and involve easy maintenance procedures.

As jaw crushers are mainly used for crushing large materials and various types of ores, it requires constant maintenance and care. There are various ways to extend the life of these machines which are used in various fields. Mobile crushers are mainly used to excavate small quantities of rocks on construction sites. It is often used in places where large excavators can seldom be used. It is one of the most versatile tools which can be used in such areas which require optimum maneuverability.

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To ensure maximum performance of these crushers, it is essential to lubricate the surfaces of the crushers often. This also helps to extend the life of these crushers.

Various types of grease can be used as lubricants on these machines. The type of grease depends on the climatic condition of the area, temperature and various other factors. Calcium based grease, sodium based grease and both calcium and sodium based grease are some of the most common types of greases used for lubrication.

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Grease must be used if the bracket pads and the elbow plates of these crushers come into contact with one another.

These crushers have various parts that require lubricants such as the shafts. Regular lubrication is quite essential so that it functions smoothly for a long period of time. Lubricants can be added conveniently on these parts.

It is recommended to add lubricants every three to five days for better performance and longer life span of these machines.

It is also important to clean the crushers before adding lubricants. The roller path of the crushers should be cleaned with petrol or kerosene for better results. To know more about jaw crusher click here.

Benefits Of Used Crushing Equipment

Mashing Ore is often used to meet the purpose of mining, excavation and drilling. Irrespective of the purpose of mining, there is one common purpose of crushing equipment and that is to break the big ore into pieces. Mashing ore consists of various kinds of mining products like jaw crushers, gyratory crusher and influence crushers which convert big ores into small pieces. Like other mining equipment, you can save a lot of money by buying used mashing ore. New crushing equipment can be an expensive task for your business.

Jaw crusher of JEC series coupled with SBM introduces the most effective crushing equipment on the earth. It is most efficient crushing equipment worldwide as it has adopted the latest technology and manufacturing process. At a very low cost, it plays its role of smashing hard even the most corrosive elements into small pieces. A used jaw crusher can be utilized for excavating materials, sand and tiny ores or elements and the project can be recycled to get the maximum benefit.

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With reference to toggle crusher, chin crusher carries a couple of jaws. Out of these jaws one is fixed while other is movable to accommodate large materials into it and break them down into tiny ones. Chin crushers are available in individual or twice toggle designs.

As far as appearance is concerned, Gyrator crushers follow the style of mouth crushers having concave surface and conical brain and out of its two surfaces, ore component is directed downwards. This special design enables it to crush the material from a long distance. Used Gyrator crusher can be used to meet the function of secondary crushing. It can be used at primary place in ore running plants.

Contrary to gyratory as well as mouth crushers which use a great pressure to smash the material ore, a direct effect crusher used the pressure of impact to smash abrasive or non-abrasive mining ores such as seed products, fossil suels and limestone. Most of influence crushers are covered with a cage like outer covering which allows the small pieces to escape from the spaces in the cover. Only the pieces of right dimensions can escape from the spaces.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Laboratory Jaw Crushers

A jaw crusher is an item of significance in the industrial laboratories. Manufactured in different sizes, the laboratory jaw crushers are employed in crushing of aggregates, rocks, minerals and ores. In addition, these machines are also used to perform crushing of coal and coke and variety of other materials.

The industrial sectors like metallurgy, scientific research, electricity and others make use of these machines to prepare samples and for other applications. Hammer crushers are other similar machines used for the similar applications. If you have set up an industrial laboratory, learn about these useful machines from the following discussion. Jaw Crusher

Crushing for Different Moisture Contents:
The moisture content present in the ores, minerals and other materials to be crushed is an important factor while choosing a jaw crusher. It is important to note that these machines are useful for the materials with moisture content below 15%. For higher moisture content, you need to buy hammer crusher or other suitable machines.

Output Size:
The final products obtained after crushing with jaw crushers are even in size. It is a critical requirement for the laboratories preparing samples that the crushed material has desired evenness. Jaw crushers, as well as hammer crushers, are well-known to meet this requirement.

Input Size:
Another advantage of laboratory jaw crushers is that they can crush pieces that are up to 80 mm in size. In order to obtain the machine with desired capacity, you must know the feed size that the machine would support.

Output Efficiency:
A jaw crusher can provide the output in the range of 1-2 ton per hour. As compared to it, the output of a hammer crusher is limited to 400-500 kg. In terms of work output efficiency, the jaw crushers are indeed the winners.

Jaw crushers are known for their smooth functioning. Going further, many of the models are designed to provide easy adjustment features. Daily inspection and long-term maintenance are easy and these machines have long life. Finally, these machines are easy to operate and require little knowledge only.

A jaw crusher made of steel is extremely durable and can be found in different sizes and capacities. Look for the models from different manufacturers and suppliers at online business directories.