Things To Consider While Buying Venetian Blinds

Known to be one of the most stylish and chic window dressing choices, the Venetian blinds are chosen by most of the home makers these days. These window dressings offer a unique style and elegance to the room with its option to control the level of natural light that enters a room. However, there are several things to consider while buying these window blinds.

Some Handy Tips:

Size: Although majority of the manufacturers offer customized sizes for these window blinds, it is essential to measure the exact size of the window before purchasing these blinds from online or offline stores. The blinds should fit inside the walls comfortably without scarping the sides when it is raised or lowered.

Venetian Blinds

Design: To attain an attractive ambiance in the rooms, it is vital to consider the design and the material of the Venetian blinds. The design, pattern, color and the material of these window dressings should be considered before buying it. A few options include aluminum and wooden blinds which are made available quite easily. Wooden blinds exude a warm and homely ambiance in the rooms. It can be used in all rooms except for bathrooms and areas which tend to become wet as wood may become mould ridden. However, it can be used in all other areas as it is easy to clean and maintain.

Venetian Blind

Aluminum blinds are sleek and add a touch of elegance to the rooms. It is shiny and easy to clean and maintain. Both these types of blinds are slatted and offer the required privacy to the users.

Size of Slats: Another factor to consider is the size of the slats. There are small and big sized slats to suit different types of windows. Bigger sized slats are ideal for large windows and smaller sized slats for small windows.

Prices: Although these window blinds are quite expensive, it is easy to find affordable Venetian blinds on many of the online stores. Installing these window blinds can be a quick and affordable process if the measurements are precise. There are pre-made designs which are available at affordable prices from reputed online stores.

Tips To Clean Wooden Venetian Blinds Easily

Venetian blinds are ideal for providing the required privacy and blocking out light. However, it tends to get accumulated with dirt, dust and grime. Frequent dusting will help to eliminate the dust but proper cleaning is essential to remove the grime completely. Wooden Venetian blinds require more care so as to preserve the beauty and quality of wood.

Some Cleaning Tips:

Before cleaning these blinds, it is essential to check for spots and stains on the wooden blinds. Use a wood cleaner to clean these spots. An ordinary paper towel can also be used to clean the spots effectively. As these blinds are made of real wood, it is essential to use the right type of cleaning products.

Wooden Venetian Blinds

Close the wooden blind and use a paper towel or dryer sheet to wipe the blind. This will help to remove the dust and dirt which is accumulated on the closed side of the blinds. After completing this process, open and close the blinds in the opposite direction and then clean them appropriately.

Wooden blinds can be easily cleaned with the use of a vacuum cleaner. But it is important to use only the soft brush attachment to clean the blinds. All the other attachments in the vacuum cleaner can cause considerable damage to the blinds.

Wooden blinds should never be cleaned using detergents and cleaning liquids as it may warp the wooden material. Although plastic binds can be cleaned easily using soft soap solutions and liquid detergents, it is essential not to use any of these cleaning methods on wood blinds.

Ensure that the blinds are not stretched while cleaning as it could damage the wood and structure of the blind. Use a step stool or ladder to clean the top layers of the blinds easily and comfortably. There is hardly any need to remove the venetian blinds completely from the windows to clean it thoroughly.

Wooden Blinds

The right type of cleaning method and technique can ensure that wooden blinds last for a long period of time. Unlike the conventional type of Venetian blinds, these blinds are quite elegant and add to the decor of any home or office space.

Buying And Cleaning Tips For Wooden Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are both aesthetically appealing and functional in many ways. These blinds are available in different materials which include wood, aluminum, PVC and so forth. The wooden Venetian blinds can be bought from many of the authentic online stores at various price rates. It is among the most expensive types of window blinds and it exudes a unique charm and elegance to the rooms. It also adds to the decor of a room in innumerable ways. There are mini blinds which can be bought from online stores at attractive price rates.

The aluminum blinds seldom require any maintenance as it is easy to clean. However the wooden blinds require ample amount of care and maintenance. It is essential to clean these window blinds regularly.

Hardwood Venetian Blind

Hardwood Venetian Blind

It is important to read the instructions of manufacturers before cleaning these blinds as some wooden products require specific cleaning products and materials.

Avoid any type of chemical solution and use a damp cloth to wipe these blinds clean. Vacuum cleaners can be used to remove the dust from these blinds easily. Some people prefer to use a feather duster to wipe the dust.

Roll Up Bamboo Blind

Roll Up Bamboo Blind

The slats of the wooden blinds should be closed and cleaned once in a month to eliminate dust and dirt accumulated on it. The reverse side of the blinds should also be cleaned thoroughly using a cloth duster or a damp cloth.

Finally inspect the window blinds thoroughly for more dirt and dust. Clean every corner of the blind to ensure that it is free from dirt.

Wooden Venetian Blinds

Wooden Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds can be found in different sizes and styles to suit different home decors. It can also be bought in different colors to accentuate the existing decor of a home or office. Wooden blinds are seldom used in kitchens and bathrooms as it is susceptible to moisture and damages. PVC blinds are used in bathrooms and kitchens as it is resistant to moisture and water.

Aluminum blinds are attractive and sophisticated as it exudes an elegant appearance to the entire room. Moreover, it is more durable compared to the other window blinds.

Uses And Cleaning Tips For Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are basically window coverings which are usually found in the inside of the windows. It helps to block the external light from entering the rooms and also prevent views from the inside of homes and buildings. There are various types of Venetian blinds available today which include wooden, plastic, and vertical blinds.

Use of Venetian Blinds:

Most of the venetian blinds are made of vinyl or metal. These blinds are slated blinds which include a number of long horizontal strips attached to a string. The metal or plastic piece can be turned to allow light to pass through them. It can also be turned flat to block the light from outside. A string can be used to raise the blinds and to remove them entirely from the window. The Venetian blinds were created in the 18th century near Venice in Italy.


venetian blinds

In addition to reducing the effects of heat in your rooms, the Venetian blinds are known to be the most economical methods of dressing your windows. It is quite easy to use and maintain these window blinds. These blinds also provide many options of controlling the amount of light in your homes and offices.

Tips To Clean Venetian Blinds:

It is quite important to clean and maintain these blinds regularly as it can be a hub of dirt and grime, depending to its locations. It can be cleaned both from the outside and inside. To clean it from inside, you will require a cleaning liquid, bath tub, soft scrub brush and old towels.

First fill the tub with warm water and soap. Remove all the blinds from the window but keep the hardware intact. Place one blind at a time in the bath tub filled with soapy warm water. Soak it for fifteen minutes and then scrub the binds using a soft scrub brush and clean it to remove the dirt and grime. Scrub again after flipping the blinds to the other side. Drain all the dirty water and use a hand shower to rinse the blinds again.

Hang the blinds on the side of the tub so that the excess water is drained. You can also use a hair dryer to dry the blinds. Re-hang the blinds after drying it with a towel and also know more about venetian blinds visit here.