Baby Products You Need To Buy For Your Baby

With the constant growth and development of technology, there has been an introduction of innovative baby products in the markets. Most of these products are designed to simplify the task of a new mother. There are many essential baby products which help in the healthy growth and development of a child.

Some Necessary Products:

Cribs: Baby cribs are perhaps the most important and costly items required for little ones. Today there are various types of cribs made available through both online and offline stores at various price rates. It is available in different styles and colors to suit individual requirements. It is important to choose cribs with care as babies spend most of the time sleeping. So the cribs and the mattresses need to be comfortable and safe.

Baby Cribs

Feeding Bottles: Another essential product is feeding bottles. There are special types of feeding bottles which can be used to feed babies. These bottles eliminate the possibility of gastric problems in babies. There are various types of feeding bottles which can even be bought from online stores at affordable price rates.

Feeding Bottles

Skin Care Products: Bath and skin care products are available in hoards of varieties these days. However, it is important to buy products only from reputed brands as it is known to be safe. Baby oil, soap, powder, cream and so forth are available in different flavours. Baby powders and soaps with soothing ingredients such as lavender can calm and soothe babies.

Skin Care Products

Baby Cars and Strollers: This equipment is quite essential as it helps to carry the baby to places without any fuss. Today there are different types of strollers and cars which can be used for different purposes. It can be used while strolling in the park or shopping in a mall. It is available in a huge variety of styles and sizes in most of the online stores too.

Baby Cars and Strollers

Baby Food: Apart from breast milk, baby food is also quite essential for healthy growth and development. Cereals and baby food can be bought even from online stores at affordable price rates.

Baby Food

Apart from these items, there are baby monitors, safety kit, diapers and various other baby products which are also considered to be quite essential for your little one.

Common Toxic Chemicals Present In Baby Care Products

Today most of the health care products contain different types of harmful chemicals which can prove to be detrimental to health. Even baby care products contain harmful toxic chemicals. Baby products such as lotions, shampoos, creams, powders and so forth contain a range of chemicals which prove to be harmful to health in many ways. Even the all natural care products contain many toxic chemicals.

Most Commonly Found Chemicals:

Benzoic Acid: Although some of the food ingredients are considered to be safe for consumption, there are some preservatives like benzoic acid which can cause skin irritation. It is also believed to reduce the weight of internal organs according to scientific studies.

Baby Care Products

  1. Perfume: It is another common chemical ingredient which is found in most of the baby care products. These fragrances can cause respiratory diseases, allergies, asthma and other skin diseases. It can also affect the reproductive system of the body.

Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate: It is a chemical which is basically produced from vegetable oils such as palm oil and soybean oil. It is believed to create skin rashes and allergies in babies.

Apart from these chemicals, there are various other products which are used in daily lives that can cause irritation and respiratory problems in young children. Beds and mattresses are often treated with chemicals and pesticides. Fabric softeners and detergents also contain various types of harmful chemicals which can cause respiratory diseases in children. It can also cause skin rashes and allergies as babies are in constant contact with beds and mattresses. Most of the anti-bacterial soaps cause dryness of the skin. It is quite unnecessary to use these products as anti-bacterial soaps destroy the good bacteria and prevent proper development of the immune system.

Baby food is another essential product that can contain various types of preservatives and chemicals. It is quite important to choose organic fruits and vegetables while preparing baby food. There are different types of baby care products which contain natural elements. It is important to choose such products as it proves to be beneficial to health in many ways. A huge variety of natural products can be bought from online stores at affordable price rates.

Tips To Use Talcum Powder

Talcum powder is one of the most widely used cosmetic products in the world. Although the use of talc is a matter of speculation, it is still used by people. It can be used to prevent chaffing and sores as it has immense absorption properties. Talc is known to be the softest minerals found on the surface of the earth.

One of the most common uses of talc is in baby powder. As it helps in absorption and keeps the baby dry, it is still widely recommended for diaper areas. It is therefore widely used in most of the baby powders and products.

Talc can be used for a number of household applications which include sprinkling of perfumed talcum powder on the floor areas to repel ants and pests. It can also be used on fabrics and other materials to remove stubborn stains and blotches.

It is also widely used in the production of a variety of household products such as wire and cable insulation, sealants, roofing and flooring products and so forth. Talc is also included in a variety of other products such as gaskets, rubber hoses, paper, and foam packaging.  Talc can be used on swim caps so that it is easy to wear and remove the caps.

It can also be used on the toes to prevent bad odor caused due to the formation of bacteria. Excessive sweat can cause breeding of bacteria which lead to damp shoes and socks. Regular application of talcum powder can helps to prevent sweating of toes and feet.

Talc is applied on to the skin to prevent bed sores and chaffing. It can also be applied on to the beds during summers.

The use of talc is associated with a number of health risks which include breathing problems and cancer. It should neither be swallowed nor inhaled. Excessive usage can cause several problems which include eye irritation, throat irritation, vomiting and so forth. Some of the most severe side effects include low blood pressure, rash, blisters and chest pain. Some doctors and health experts link the usage of talc powder with ovarian cancer, although it is still an issue of debate.

Essential Baby Products For New Borns

Most of the first time parents are confused about the type of baby products required for their new born baby. There are many essential products required for infants.

Personal Care Products: Baby products should include shampoos, soaps, lotions, powders and creams. There are many branded manufacturers that sell different products which are designed specifically for children.

Most of these personal care products are made of unique formulas suitable for the tender and soft skin of babies. Nevertheless, it is quite pertinent to choose products from a branded company so as to ensure its authenticity.

Diapers: New born babies require diapers as it keeps them clean and happy. There are different types of diapers available in the markets today which are classified according to weight and age.

Feeding Bottles: Another essential product required is feeding bottle. Baby bottles are also available in a huge variety as it is manufactured by different companies. It is important to purchase feeding bottles from reputed manufacturers so as to ensure safety. Nipples and bottles should be replaced every six months.

Clothes: Different types of baby clothes are also required by infants and new born babies. Beautiful clothes can be bought from many of the online stores as it includes huge varieties at affordable price rates.

Cradles And Beds: Infant cradles and beds are also available in many of the online stores. Infant beds should be chosen with care as babies require ample amount of sleep to grow. So beds should be comfortable and safe.

Toys: Soft baby toys are also essential for your little one. There are huge varieties of toys available today at different price rates. But it is important to choose age appropriate toys as not all toys are meant for little babies.

Apart from these products, there are many other items that can be bought for babies which include infant monitors, clothe detergents, prams and so forth.

Hazards with Kids Toys

Toys are meant to provide fun and entertainment to kids but not all toys are safe for all children. Most of the kids products are designed for particular ages set by the safety commission. It is important to purchase them accordingly.

Kids Toys

Common Dangers With Toys:

Small Parts: Toys with small parts which include balls, detachable parts and marbles pose hazards to children. It can pose as choking danger to small kids. Avoid buying toys with small detachable parts. Toys with small wheels, eyes, balls and so forth can break and pose as threats to young children. It is also important to inspect toys and maintain them well.

Straps: There are toys with straps which can also pose as hazards. Guitars with shoulder straps, binoculars with neck straps can pose as strangulation hazards to children. Store such toys in a safe place away from the reach of kids. It should be used only under adult supervision.

Child Toys

Toy Guns: If not used appropriately, even toy guns can cause accidents and death. Air soft guns, BB guns are often considered as toys but it is not suitable for kids under 16 years of age. Cap guns are also dangerous and should never be aimed at another person. Dart guns are another variety of kids’ products. It can be dangerous if it hits the eyes or the face.

children toys

Burns: Some of the electric toys also pose safety hazards to children if it is used inappropriately. It is quite important to follow recommendations mentioned on the packages so that safety can be ensured. Some electric toys can cause shocks and burns so it is important to use toys according to age restriction. It is also important to keep batteries away from young kids to avoid choking hazards.

child with toy

Lead: There are toys with high level of lead content in the surface paints. These toys are known to be toxic so it is important to avoid such kids’ products.

Kids Toys

Magnetic Toys: Toys with magnets are equally dangerous for children. It is advisable to avoid using kids’ products with magnets unless it is encased.

Beautiful Toys
It is important to check kids’ products from time to time and replace toys which are worn out or broken.

Baby Costumes – What The Popular Themes To Choose

A major part of our personality is because of the clothes we wear, the costumes we showcase. Same holds true for kids and even babies. And it is often said that it is the baby costume segment that requires more creativity. Something apt to suit the small cute devils on every occasion. Though most baby costume ideas are themed based, the Halloween theme is so huge that it is in itself a segment.

Baby based costumes go well while taking them for parties (birthday parties are their favorite though), picnics, events (like Halloween) or simply for fun. Unlike adults, for kids the happiness is not only during the whole exercise, but prior and post, the occasion. Here are Some Good Themes For Baby Costumes.

Nature Based Themes:

Nature based themes like flowers and animals work well, and are not very difficult to prepare. Use small hats as the base of the flower. Use some colorful decorative paper to make petals and paste them. Dress the child in a small green dress to go as the stem. Baby costumes featuring animal creations like ladybugs are popular.

To make these, use red sweat suits and paste small black pieces of paper to look like bud dots. Also paste small wire based antennas on hats and make your child wear the hat with the sweat-suit. Rock-star themes are also one of the most popular fancy baby dress ideas where you can dress your toddlers in small home-made suits.

Angel Baby Costumes:

The angel baby costume is easy; just make use of a white dress and some wire and decorative paper to double up as wings to give that angel look. In terms of Halloween costumes, the home-made scarecrow theme is the easiest to make.

Use a jeans overall and paste some felt strips all over it. In addition, other Halloween costumes like Captain America, Batman costumes etc. are also popular.

Fancy Baby Costumes:

The fancy baby dress segment leads with the super heroes themes. For those who want to experiment more, celebrity baby costumes featuring Princess Diana, Elvis Presley, Disney princess etc (and even other attractive costume themes) are available in the market as well.

Pros And Cons of Talcum Powder

There are major differences in the ingredients of talcum powder and baby powder. There are similarities between these two types of powders too. Both these powders are used all over the world by a large number of consumers.

Talcum Powder and Baby Powder:

Talcum powder contains talc which is basically a mineral known as hydrated magnesium silicate. It is clear and lustrous. It is usually applied on to the face and body. Today most of the powders include talc as it is one of the main ingredients in talcum powder.

Baby powders are safe and mild. It is usually made of cornstarch or talc. Today most of the baby products are made safe for babies as talc is considered to be harmful to health. Baby powder contains pure cornstarch, sodium bicarbonate and zinc oxide. It also contains various other soothing elements such as calendula, olive extracts, aloe vera, rose extract, vitamin E, lavender and so forth.

Different types of baby powders contain different types of compounds. But it is safe to use on babies. Baby powder can also be used by adults as it is safer than talcum powder.

Even though talcum powder is related to a number of health issues, it possesses some advantageous qualities. It helps to prevent chaffing and skin sores caused due to excessive sweating. It also absorbs moisture and keeps the skin dry and clean.

While baby powder is mild and soothing, talcum powder is strong. It eliminates germs and keeps the skin free from rashes and skin disorders. It can also be used for a variety of other purposes. It is often used on bed sheets and covers during summers to avoid discomfort. Talc can be applied on to the clothes to remove stains too.

Talc is also used to prevent ant infestation. It can be applied on to the cracks in the walls to prevent ants and termites.

Nevertheless, talcum powder is often related to a series of health issues which include cancer and tumors. It should not be applied on babies as it can cause suffocation and breathing problems. The powder should neither be inhaled nor ingested as it can cause serious health issues.