Bicycle Parts That A Cyclist Needs To Know

A cyclists should have thorough knowledge of the product which he is using, to avoid mishaps. Ground rule first of all he should know  about flat tyres. A tyre is actually made up of three parts may be unscrewed. With a wrench that is often found on better valve caps. It is not enough to be the best cyclists and remain ignorant about the parts. For instance a pilot gets a thorough training about the aircraft before he finally becomes a pilot. In the same way a cyclists must know about the parts of the bicycle for eg.

Axle: Used for rotating the wheel and supports the bearings.

Bar Ends: Extensions at the end of straight handle bars to allow for multiple positions.

Bicycle Parts

Bar Plugs: Plugs for the end of handle bars.

Basket: Cargo carrier.

Bearing: It is a device that helps in rotation and reduces friction, most common types are ball, roller and sleeve.

Bell: Audible device to warn the pedestrians and other cyclists, commonly known as a horn.

Belt Drive: Alternative to chain drive.

Bottle Cage: Water bottle holder.

Bicycle Parts

Bottom Bracket: Bearing system that the pedals rotate around.

Brake: Devices to stop the bicycle.

Brake Lever: A lever for actuating the bicycle brake.

Braze On: A fitting protuding from a frame to provide attachment.

Cable Guide: A fitting below the bottom bracket which guides a piece of bare inner bowden cable around a corner.

Cable: It is used to connect a control, such as a brake or shifting lever, to the device it activates.

Cartridge Bearing: A type of bearing that is not user serviceable, but must be replaced as a unit.

Chain: A system of interlinking pins, plates and rollers that transmits power from the front sprocket to the rear sprocket.

Cone: Holds bearings in place, pressed against the cup.

Down Tube: It is a tube on a bicycle frame that runs from the head tube to the bottom bracket.

Hence it is not just a good to know information for a cyclists, but it is a must know piece of information about different parts of
the product. Both theory and a practical knowledge is a must inorder to be able to give a hundred percent performance in any tasks one takes up. To know more about bicycle parts click here.

Types of Bicycle Parts Available Online

A bicycle is the simplest and cheapest forms of transportation. Though it was first introduced in the 19th century, it is still used only in moderation all over the world. A bicycle is made of different components or parts. Most of these components are available in many of the online stores at various price rates. A cycle includes many parts such as the brakes, wheels, suspension, frames, carriers, drive chains which is connected between the pedals and the wheels and handle. It also includes other accessories such as lights, bells and so forth.

Bicycle Parts Online

Wheels: One of the most important components of a bicycle includes the wheels. Different types of bicycle wheels are available in many of the online stores these days. Cycle wheels include many parts such as metal rim, pneumatic rubber tire, rubber tube, metal rim and metal hub. Different bicycles have different types of wheels.

Suspensions: The suspensions are also known as the shock absorbers of the bicycles. It is quite essential for a comfortable ride on the bicycle.

Brakes: Another important and essential component of a bicycle includes the brakes. It helps to control the movement of a bicycle and halts the cycle when required. There are brake shoes which are attached to the back and front wheels of the cycle. These brakes are attached to the steering of the cycle. Brakes can also be bought from online stores at reasonable price rates. There are a large number of dealers listed in the online stores that sell bicycle brakes at different price rates.

Frames: The frame is the focal point of the bicycle. It makes the machine by providing various points to attach the different components of the cycle. Most of the bicycle frames are diamond shaped. It includes two triangles- the rear triangle and the front triangle.

Handle bars: Another essential bicycle part includes the handle bars which provide the rider the power and ease to control the cycle. It is basically used to control the bicycle. Different types of accessories such as bells and lights are fixed on the handle-bars.

Most of these bicycle parts can be bought from online stores at reasonable price rates.

Components in a Bicycle

One of the oldest and cheapest forms of transportation includes bicycles. Although science has developed and achieved tremendous success in various fields of transportation, cycles are still widely used in all parts of the world. With major evolutions in the field of science and technology, the cycles have evolved in many ways. Numerous additional features have been added to this common means of transport. However, there are some basic parts in every bicycle.          

Parts of a Bicycle

There are some basic parts in a bicycle which works in combination for a smooth and safe ride. These important bicycle parts are as follows:

Wheels: One of the most important bicycle parts include the wheels. Every bicycle has a wheel set which includes a rubber tube, axle, wire tension spokes and carbon fiber rim. A bicycle has two wheels on which it rides. Today different varieties of wheels are available in the markets.

Brake: Another important component of a bicycle includes the brakes which are used to slow down and stop the cycle. There are many types of brakes such as the rim brake, disc brake and the drum brake. The brakes which are attached to the handlebars of the cycle are applied to slow down or halt the cycle.

Chain: The bicycle chains transfer power from the pedals to the wheels to propel the cycle. Today cycle chains have been revolutionized with additional features that offer more gearing power to the bicycles.

Handle bars: This important component of the bicycle provides support and steering power to the rider. The handlebars are of different shapes and styles. It can be curved, straight and cylindrical in shape.

Frame: Another important component of the bicycle includes the frame of the cycle. The entire parts of a cycle are fitted on its frame and therefore it is known as the base of the cycle. Each cycle has a different frame. The diamond frame is one of the most common types of cycle frame found in most of the cycles.

Apart from the above mentioned bicycle parts; there are many other important components which include the tire, backlight and front light. All these components can be bought easily from online stores at reasonable prices.