Black Stone Tiles – A Popular Stone Style Statement

With the word ‘beautiful’ getting a new and enhanced meaning every day, it is no surprise that the tiles’ segment has seen a wide range of researches and try outs. And a good percentage of this category constitutes its usage in the flooring segment (other aspects where tiles are used are the walls of bathroom, bars, library etc.). In terms of flooring, a general categorization points towards an ever popular phenomenon: stone tiles. Stone tiles stand for strength, wholesome strength. And how about getting good striking designs, patterns and other desired flooring aspects in stone based tiles? On a lighter note, it is said that with thousands of different aspects of stone floorings available, there wouldn’t be 2 similar stone floorings. What makes stone floorings admired are many factors as follows:     

* Unique colors
* Striking veining
* Pleasant textures
* Durability like no other
* Natural characteristics

In fact, what manages to take the segment of ‘stone tiles’ in to the big league are the natural characteristics like strength, hardness, porosity and durability. Here, apart from the usage, the handling of stone tiles isn’t prone to breakage like other light and sensitive flooring materials. Stone tiles can be customized to suit a variety of sizes, but from the commercial point of view stone tiles are available in the following sizes:

* 12”x12”                                                                                                                                  
* 13”x13”
* 16”x16”
* 18”x18”

The ‘tiles per square foot’ concept is also popular in some parts of the world. There are many colors available in the segment of stone tiles; the color black stands for ‘a good number’ in terms of popularity and patronage. Black stone tiles are popular because it matches with a variety of colors, in the context of walls.

From its usage in the balcony to verandas, bathrooms and commercial spaces, black gets a thumps up due to a general human perception that black stone tiles manage to hide dirt and dust which is a major concern in the effectiveness of tiles and flooring. Matching its usage in the residential aspects, the black stone tiles manage to get a good usage in the commercial sector as well.