Features And Advantages Of Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate sheets is one of the most commonly used building materials which is often used as an alternative to glass. These sheets are made of thermoplastic composites and therefore it is ingrained with a number of beneficial features. Polycarbonate sheets are made available in a huge variety of sizes and thicknesses which vary according to specific uses.


Extreme Flexibility: These sheets are known to be greatly flexible as it contains thermoplastic composites.

Shatter Resistant: Another significant beneficial feature of these sheets is that it is resistant to breakages.

Versatile: It finds application in various fields. It is used in greenhouses as roof tops. It is also used in swimming pools and showers as enclosures. It is also widely used in sports areas to protect spectators from balls.

polycarbonate sheet

Installation Methods: These sheets can be installed in a wide variety of ways. It can be used along with several other materials such as silicone.


Light Weight: These sheets are comparatively light in weight. However, it is still resistant to shatter and damages.

High Strength: Polycarbonate sheets are quite tensile and durable compared to the other types of sheets.

Safe to Use: As it is resistant to shatter and breakage, it is safe to use compared to glass which can cause injuries if it is broken.

polycarbonate sheets

Flexibility: These sheets are highly flexible and it can be shaped into any desired size according to specific uses.

Although it is resistant to breakages, polycarbonate sheets are prone to damages if it is exposed to very high temperatures. These sheets tend to be quite expensive too compared to the other types of sheeting products. Another limitation of these sheets is that it can seldom be used in food industries as it can contain BPA which can prove to be harmful to health in many ways. It is therefore not suitable to store food items in polycarbonate containers.

These sheeting products are also susceptible to dullness over a period of time. It can also cause limited visibility and transmission of light. It is easy to find a huge range of polycarbonate sheets in many of the online and offline stores at affordable price rates.

Uses And Types Of Construction Material

Today there are a wide assortment of construction materials used for the construction of buildings, bridges and so forth. Let us examine some of the most common types of construction materials used for various building purposes.

Concrete: One of the most common types of construction material is concrete which is used for walls, floors and support pillars. It is one of the most versatile building products made available today. It is also one of the strongest and most durable materials available these days. Today there are Autoclave Aerated Concrete bricks which are considered to be eco friendly and light in weight.

Aluminum: Another light weight and strong building material is aluminum which can be used for a wide variety of building purposes. It is often used for doors and window frames. It is strong and recyclable which makes it an excellent choice for constructing buildings, bridges and so forth.

Construction Material

Glass: Modern buildings are ingrained with glass structures as it adds elegance and sophistication to homes and office spaces. It is used on walls, doors, windows and many more. It is also strong and durable. Glass is another material which can be recycled.

Steel: This is one of the most significant types of building materials. It is used for building supports and frames. It is strong, durable and economical in many ways. Steel can be bought in bulk amount from many of the online and offline stores at reasonable price rates.

Timber: Construction work is incomplete without the use of timber as it is widely used on floors, walls and roof frames. It is a biodegradable material which can be used effectively. It is quite tensile and it can be customized according to the requirements of the users.

Apart from these materials, there are several other construction materials which can be bought from online stores at reasonable price rates. There are stone and composite stone, plastic, plaster board mud brick, fiber cement sheeting and so forth. Clay or brick is another popularly used construction material. It is quite easy and affordable to buy these items from online stores in huge bulks to obtain discounts.

Advantages And Uses Of Glass Bricks

Glass bricks are unique type of building materials which are basically made of acrylic or glass. These bricks are available in different shapes and sizes. It is often laid in basements as alternative windows.

There are many benefits of using glass bricks in commercial and residential buildings. It offers a unique versatility and aesthetic appearance to buildings and apartments. It offers a considerable level of security and durability to the buildings.

In most of the cases, these bricks are used in basements windows as it offers the required level of security. It is also used on shower walls as it adds to the beauty of the rooms. Today most of the interior designers prefer to use these bricks for elegant appearance of windows. However, these windows can never be opened and it can be used only as a source of light.

Glass Blocks

Glass brick window are also known to be energy efficient compared to ordinary window panes. These bricks are resistant to water and it can also be cleaned and maintained easily. It can be placed in large and small spaces as there are a huge range of varieties made available in many of the online stores these days.

Another important benefit of using these windows is that it is quite durable and resistant to scratches. Single block or brick can be replaced easily if it is broken. It can be placed in areas such as family rooms as it is easy to maintain and seldom gets damaged easily.

Glass Bricks

These windows are considered to be more secure compared to the other types of glass panes or windows. It is quite difficult to break these bricks as it is stronger. Therefore most of the designers prefer to use these bricks on basement windows as it enhances security.

Due to its popular usage, glass bricks or blocks are manufactured in a huge variety of sizes and shapes to suit different types of interior decors and construction purposes. It is available in tinted shades and various colors to add to the beauty and elegance of the rooms. Today there are many reputed online stores which showcase a huge variety of glass bricks in different sizes, shapes and colors.

Various Beneficial Properties Of Fiber Sheets

Fiber sheets are among the most commonly used products in construction purposes. These sheets are made available in different sizes and colors in many of the online stores too these days. Fiber sheets include FRP sheets or the Fiberglass Reinforced Panel sheets. These sheets are used on ceilings and walls. It is quite easy to clean these sheets. It is durable, resilient and offers resistant to scratches and molds.

Beneficial Properties

Due to its ingrained beneficial properties, these sheets are used largely in restrooms, classrooms and restaurants. These sheets can be cleaned and maintained easily by using detergents, soaps and other products. It is light in weight and therefore it is easy to install and use.

These sheets can be installed with the use of glue. It offers excellent resistant to chemicals and therefore it can be installed in places which are exposed to various types of chemicals. It is resistant to scratches and breakage. It also offers an immense flexibility compared to the other types of building materials.

Fibre Sheet

Most people prefer to use these sheets on ceilings as it prevents the growth of molds. It is also resistant to rust. As these materials are extremely flexible it can be installed flat over the walls. However, it may expand or contract according to the environmental conditions. It is therefore essential to install these materials with professional assistance.

These sheets are available in hoards of colors such as white, blue, red, grey, black, silver and many more. Most of the reputed online stores showcase an attractive variety of colors and sizes of fiber sheets which can be used for an assortment of applications.

Fiber Sheets

Fiber sheets can seldom be painted as the surfaces of these fiber sheets are designed to be non-adhesive. However, it is possible to use acrylic based paint on these surfaces. The unique surfaces of these sheets prevent the accumulation of dirt and grime. So it is easy to clean and maintain these sheets.

The online stores display a huge variety of fiber sheets. Some of the reputed stores offer these sheets at discounted price rates if it is bought in bulk amount.

Environment Friendly Building Materials

With the increase in pollution and environmental disasters, more people choose to use eco-friendly products in every walk of life. Today people all over the world prefer to use eco-friendly building materials to build homes and offices. These materials can be recycled, replaced and reused without any difficulty. It hardly causes any harmful effect on the environment.

Eco-friendly Building Materials- Various Types

The importance of using environment friendly materials is becoming hugely popular these days. In addition to cars and other motor vehicles, buildings also release a fairly large amount of greenhouse into the atmosphere. This has resulted in the usage of various building materials which are environment friendly.

Use of EcoRock: Drywalls are used to construct most of the homes today. Dry walls are created with gypsum which absorbs heat and releases carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. EcoRock is produced in a similar way but the procedures are eco-friendly and less toxic. It can be used instead of drywalls.

Use of fly ash: Concrete which is widely used for construction purposes is produced by using cement which causes pollution and greenhouse gases. Fly ash bricks which can be used instead of concrete is environment friendly and can be used for a wide variety of purposes.                                                                                                                    

Use of bamboo: In places such as Japan and China, bamboo is a main building material as it is strong and durable. As these countries are susceptible to frequent earthquakes, bamboo houses are ideal to prevent accidents. It also absorbs carbon-dioxide from atmosphere. Bamboo houses are more economical as compared to the houses made of lumber, teak and so forth. Bamboo is known to be lighter than steel but it is stronger than concrete.

Apart from the above mentioned three things which can be used for constructing homes and offices, there are many other materials which can be used for construction purposes. Building materials need to be non-toxic with minimal chemical emissions. Most of the people opt for low odor paints for homes and offices. The use of non-toxic floor sealant is another eco-friendly option for building the floors of homes and offices. With the use of green building materials, the quality of health is substantially improved to a large extent.