Advanced Manufacturing Techniques Of Optical Lens

The manufacture of optical lenses includes the process of cutting the glass slabs with a slitting disk or a glass saw. The pieces are then heated to obtain the desired size and shape. The surfaces are then lapped and ground with the use of diamonds as abrasives. An iron tool is used to grind the surfaces of the lens into flat or curved surfaces.

However, the recently developed optical lens has improved quality compared to the previously manufactured optical lenses. A sophisticated imaging technique is applied to obtain the first 3D high resolution picture. With the use of Optical Coherence Tomography during the process of manufacture, the quality of the lens is considerably improved.

Glass Lenses

The new type of lens includes thousands of layers of plastic which is compressed and bent into the shape of a lens. It gives a precise vision with 3D image resolution. This new technique can be incorporated to improve the manufacturing process of lenses.

Moreover, these lenses are made of plastic which offers an added advantage over glasses. It is light in weight and can be formed into different shapes. Although plastic optics has its own downfalls and challenges, researchers are bent on discovering different techniques to improve the power and quality of the lens.

There are various types of optical lenses which include the simple lens and the compound lenses. If the lens has only one focal point, it is called as simple lens. Lenses which use multiple optical elements are known as compound optical lenses. Most of the corrective lenses are made of concave-convex lenses. These lenses have one concave and one convex side.

Optical Lens

The convex optical lenses are available in different variations. There are lenses with two surfaces known as the biconvex lenses. The biconvex lens is the standard optical lens. Lenses with similar curvature radius are known as equi-convex.

One of the latest developments in the production of optical lens is the green lens. The lenses are created from raw silk from silk worms. The watery solution of silk is poured into a mould and allowed to dry. An organic optical lens is made through this process.

Make Own Herbal Hair Oil And Its Benefits

Hair fall is one of the most common problems faced by majority of the people today. Lack of proper hair care, change in climatic conditions, bad lifestyle, pollution and other problems can often lead to loss of hair in both men and women alike. Baldness affects people at a very young age nowadays.

However, today there are many herbal products that can help to solve the problem of hair fall. Proper nourishment of hair is quite essential to obtain heavy, shiny and bouncy hair. Proper herbal hair oil can help healthy growth of hair. Oil is considered to be quite essential as it nourishes the hair from the root to the tip.

Benefits of Herbal Hair Oil:

Herbal hair oil is known to reduce hair fall to a great extent as it includes some of the best natural ingredients such as amla, methi, coconut, tulsi, til, brahmi, henna and various other types of herbs. Most of these ingredients can be used internally too such as tulsi, amla, coconut and so forth.

Amla Hair Oil

Among these ingredients, amla is one of the most powerful ingredients which are used for the growth of hair. It also prevents premature graying of hair and loss of hair. It improves the texture of the hair by giving it an extra shine and bouncy effect. It also works as a natural conditioner due to its ingrained qualities.

There are various types of herbal hair oil products which can be bought from online stores at affordable price rates. Herbal oil can be made at home too with the inclusion of coconut oil, amla, tulsi, shikakai and so forth. This hair oil can help to increase the growth of hair. It is also known to intensify the color of the hair.

Herbal hair oil products vary according to the type of hair. As there are different products made available through various online stores, it is important to choose products that suit particular hair type. There are hair oils for dry hair, oily hair and a combination of both.

Hair oil is indispensable for the healthy growth of hair. Therefore choose products that suit all types of hair from online stores.

Beautiful Baby Hair Clips and Accessories Online

Adorable baby hair accessories make babies look cute and stylish. There are a huge range of hair clips which can be bought from many online and offline stores. Dressing up baby girls can be so much fun with adorable dresses and matching accessories. Most of these accessories are versatile and match all types of outfits quite easily. Some babies have a thick lock of hair which can be pulled back with a bow. Most of the babies pull their hair so it is necessary to choose accessories which seldom slip off easily.

Types of Accessories:

There are many beautiful varieties of baby bows in different colors, sizes and designs which can be bought even through online stores. Baby bows are available for Christmas outfit, birthday parties and many more. It is also easy to find them in complimenting colors and designs to suit different types of dresses. Some of the most popular varieties include butterfly bows, dragon flies and other cute cartoon characters. It is also easy to find Barbie doll clips and hair bows from most of the online stores these days at reasonable prices.

Baby Hair Clips


Baby clips include different sizes and shapes to suit various hair types. Some babies have less hair so hair bands can be used as accessories. The clips can be used on top of the bands too. Shapes of hearts, flowers and other adorable designs can be found in many of the online stores at affordable price rates.

Child Hair Clips


Headbands can be used by both girls and boys as it is available in different stylish varieties. These stretchy items offer a sweet appearance to the babies. It also prevents their hair from falling into the eyes. It can be bought in different soft colors and designs at reasonable price rates.

Hair Clips

Hair clips and other accessories lend an adorable appearance to the babies and keep the hair soft and manageable. These accessories are comfortable, adorable and stylish with its different colors, designs and shapes. Although children are unable to comprehend different styles and fashions, these hair accessories are beautiful, affordable and stylish in many ways. To know more about hair clips click here.