Advantages and Disadvantages of AC to DC Converter

Current can be classified into Alternating Current or AC and the Direct Current or DC. Some of the electrical appliances require Direct Current or DC for functioning. It is therefore essential to convert AC to DC and such converters are known as AC to DC converters. These converters are also known as Switch Mode Power Supply. It is used for a wide variety of purposes including household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and so forth. It is used for different types of industrial machines too. 

The latest variety of ac to dc converter has the capability to extend its efficiency and reduce power consumption. It can be used to operate a large number of electrical devices and also provides adequate level of protection to these devices.

Understanding the Pros and Cons

The AC to DC converters can be used to charge a large number of devices including laptops, cellular phones and all types of portable devices quite easily and quickly. It can also be used to convert the call charger of a cell phone into an ordinary charger.

These power converters aid in providing adequate power to any device, at any point of time, from anywhere in the world. The AC to DC converters can convert different voltages based on the rectifier. A rectifier aids in operating electrical devices by transferring AC to DC even in places with no electric current. These rectifiers can be used to double the low voltage input if it includes a voltage increaser and supports high voltage.

One of the main disadvantages of the AC converters is its limited power supply. As it is connected to the batteries for power supply, over usage can drain the batteries and lower the power supply. There are different sizes of AC power supply inverters in both online and offline markets today. Some of the converters are small and fit into a glove compartment but these converters are quite unsuitable to charge huge electrical appliances such as DVD players and televisions.

The cost of these converters can vary from one to another according to the varying features and power output. It is necessary to conduct a proper research on the various types of converters available before deciding to purchase the most suitable Ac to Dc converter.


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