Tips To Choose An Appropriate Automotive Oil

Automotive oil is mainly used to reduce friction and lubricate parts of the engine. This in turn helps to improve the performance of the engine. There are basically three types of motor oil which includes synthetic, conventional and synthetic blend. These three types are further classified on the basis of weights and grades. Each type of oil is used for specific types of purposes.

The grade determines the thickness of the oil. It also measures the ability of the oil to withstand high temperatures. Most of the online stores showcase multi grade oil which has the ability to withstand both cold and hot temperatures.

Conventional: The conventional type of motor oil is a by product which is obtained when crude oil is refined. It is one of the cheapest forms of oil as it is less complex in its features. It is also susceptible to spoilage when it is exposed to extreme temperatures.

Automotive Oil

Synthetic: This is a unique form of oil which is quite expensive. As it is developed from various chemical compounds in an artificial manner, it is considered to be safer and cleaner. The synthetic type of oil is able to maintain proper flow and viscosity in any type of temperature.

Synthetic Blend: Another variety of oil is the synthetic blend which is a combination of both conventional and synthetic oil. The price rate of this blended oil is quite similar to the conventional oil but it is far better in features. It is considered to be eco- friendly as it includes synthetic elements.

There are many ways to choose the right automotive oil for automobiles. It is important to understand various factors such as classification codes, oil additives and viscosity ratings.

Automotive Oils

Viscosity Rating: Oil is basically identified by its ability to flow or the viscosity. There are single viscosity and multi-viscosity oil which differ in features. Thinner oil flows more quickly so it is important to choose oil based on the viscosity chart mentioned on the owner’s manual.

Oil Additives: Different types of additives are mixed in the oil to keep the engine cool and free from corrosions.

Oil is also classified on the basis of codes, so it is also important to consider this important factor before buying motor oil from online or offline stores.


Some Important Benefits of Using Automotive Oil

Every automobile requires oil for better performance of the vehicle. Today there are different types of automotive oils available in many of the online stores. Apart from petroleum based engine oils, there are synthetic automotive oils which are quite popular these days. In the earlier days, these oils were used mainly in racing car engines. Today it is used by most of the automobile owners. Automotive oils are used for lubricating various internal parts of the engine. Most of the engine oils are derived from the petroleum based chemical products and non-petroleum based chemical compounds.

Various Uses of Automotive Oil

One of the most important uses of automotive oil includes the lubrication it provides to the engine. The engine oils are used for all types of automobiles including cars, buses, construction equipments, aircrafts and locomotives. Internal parts of the engine move against one another causing friction. This reduces the efficiency of the engine and causes wear and tear. It also increases the overall consumption of fuel and reduces the output of the engine.

Engine oil acts as a lubricant by creating a separating film between the moving parts. This reduces the direct contact between the parts of the engine and thereby reduces friction, heat and wear and tear of the internal parts of the engine.

Automotive oil is also used to prevent corrosion or rust as it inhibits oxidation. There are a number of engine oils which include detergents and anti-corrosion oils to prevent rust and corrosion. It also helps to keep the engine clean. It also prevents excessive build up of sludge in the engines.

The use of motor oil helps to extend the life of the engine. The engine functions more efficiently as the automotive oil offers better lubrication which helps to reduce heat and friction. This further extends the performance level and the life of the motor engines.

The maintenance cost of engines is also considerably reduced due to the usage of automobile oils. The internal components of the engine tend to last longer with the usage of motor oils. Today different varieties of automobile oils are available in many online portals.